Spicy Saturday Picks – October 17, 2015

Spicy Saturday

Hello people, we’re back to spice up your lives! If you missed INK2015, we have all the highlights for you. Don’t miss it because it was a mindblowing conference that left you inspired beyond belief. Once you’re done, come back and taste the spice of Indian blogs which we have curated just for you!

        • WhoShilpi C
        • What: “Indian Advertisements and the Portrayal of Women”
        • Spicy: Following the trail of thought from the above blog post, women are a source of inspiration, no doubt about that. But is that the way they are actually seen in the eyes of society? From the extent of inequality to level of injustice done, most of them only end up getting objectified. None seek to know their worth and rare are the ones who take conscious efforts to acknowledge the strength and beauty that women bring to life.

        • WhoShruti Fatehpuria
        • What“One Last Time”
        • Spicy:  As time passes by, it brings in a lot of changes for us to live up to,  meeting all the challenges. In this rush if you ever felt that you’re losing yourself, missing the inner most joy of being with yourself then it is time to slow down and ponder. Let Shruti take you through this process.

        • WhoSoundarya S
        • What“Holiday to Jo’burg botanical Garden!”
        • Spicy: Parks and gardens might be boring for many but if you like to explore nature in any way, then this is the best place to be while you manage to deal with super busy schedules. A botanical garden gives interesting information on plant families that will fascinate you and make you look at greenery with a new perspective.

        • WhoFelicia Nazareth
        • What“THE 4 SOMETHINGS”
        • Spicy:  A wedding day is one of the biggest days in a girl’s life. Whether it is about  the core emotion or the logistics of the wedding, there is a lot that is going on in her mind in addition to the thoughts of new family, place and the huge change in life. Felicia explains the importance of 4 Somethings in a Christian wedding.

        • Who: Amit Varma
        • What: “The Fatal Conceit of the Indian Politician”
        • Spicy: Politicians are supposed to be simple in dressing to empathize with the masses, but they are not exempt from vanity. From Jawaharlal  Nehru to Narendra Modi, everyone has displayed signs of it. Amit Varma talks about this phenomenon.

        • Who: Kartik Prabhu
        • What“Kunti Betta Trek”
        • Spicy: There is hardly an activity that is as pleasurable and educational as travelling. A trek is an amazing adventure to take up with friends and family, if they are as enthusiastic as you.  Here is an elaborate trek diary with loads of pictures that will not only transport you to the top of a hill, but will make you plan your next trip too.

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