Spicy Saturday Picks – October 10, 2015

Spicy Saturday

Saturday is back and so is Spicy Saturday! Yayy! Before you dive in the wonderful blog posts written by Indian bloggers this week, participate in the #ChampIsBack activity before 12th October midnight to win a premium smartphone! Check your inbox for more details 🙂

Done? Now take a look at the weekend blog posts from Indian bloggers this week.

        • WhoMayuri R
        • What“A Beautiful Birthday in Bastar”
        • Spicy:  Going on a trip is one of the best ways to celebrate your birthday. The downside is that trips take a lot of planning and coordination. With Mayuri, she got lucky and it all started fell into place with a tweet. Take a look at her blog post reminiscing about a trip filled with nature, waterfalls, Indianness, rains, dhaba food and much more!

        • WhoShubham Singh
        • What“Aamchi Mumbai’s Local Train”
        • Spicy: Welcome to Aamchi Mumbai and its forever young and vibrant lifeline, the local trains. One cannot have a better adventure than this one in the whole city. People actually risk their lives while doing simple commuting and by all the gods grace they manage to come out of it alive. Read Shubham’s first hand account.

        • WhoVishal Kataria
        • What“5 Awesome Qualities of MS Dhoni”
        • Spicy: Sportsmen are people who know how to conquer loss and victory. Dealing with the ups and downs of the game teach them how to deal with the vagaries of life coolly. And who better to know this than Captain Cool MS Dhoni? He is admired the world over for his poise and tactics, and blogger Vishal jumps in on the praise bandwagon with elan.

        • WhoMary Anthony
        • What: “5 Types of Avoidable Men on Dating Sites”
        • Spicy: How amazing it would be, if a girl could simply download ‘Mr. Right’! Sadly, till we make progress by leaps and bounds, this is only a pipe dream. Time to open our eyes! Dating and messaging apps may have made finding men quite easy, but most of the times, Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. Fright! Mary asks you to stay far, far away from these 5 types of men on the Internet.

        • WhoSushmita Malakar
        • What: “The Magic of “Appreciation”
        • Spicy: Most of the things that we do in life are to gain appreciation from the people who matter the most to us – our parents, teachers, friends, spouse, etc. Appreciation is also the cornerstone of any relationship. After all, aren’t all the gifts and dinners we plan a way of showing our appreciation to our partner? Sushmita Malakar has her own take.

        • Who: SriRam V
        • What“Hating heritage – with good reason for it”
        • Spicy: The heritage of any country or region is not just a good plank for tourism, it also gives us some much needed insights into the lives and times of our predecessors. Sadly, not everyone realizes the importance of heritage, and it’s sadder and more harmful when the ignorant party is the administration.

        • Who: FreeFinCal
        • What“Manual Systematic Investment Plan (MSIP): Pros and Cons”
        • Spicy: We know it’s the weekend and investments are the last thing on your mind, but we’d really like it if you read this post about Manual Systematic Investment Plan (MSIP) which will allow you to customize your investments in a way that gives you the most benefits

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