Tangy Tuesday Picks – October 6, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysHere we are, back with another Tangy Tuesday edition. We’ve freshened up a lot after the long weekend and would love to know what you did over the weekend. In case you missed it, check out the fresh buzz in the blogging world in our Buzzing Blogosphere this week.

Here are some bloggers’ tangy blog posts that are a great way to either start or end your day with.

  • WhoAbhineet Dey
  • What‘The Martian’
  • Tangy: SciFi movies are fun. They bring the child and the childhood fantasies back in you. The most interesting being the treasures and the tools used to achieve it. ‘The Martian’ is here, a perfect blend of thrill, fiction, suspense and a story. Read out Abhineet’s review to know more.

  • Who: Parwati Singari
  • What‘In Quest For Answers’
  • Tangy: Mythology is an interesting subject. It takes you back to your inner self and answers the questions that are the toughest. ‘The rise of Kali’ is a book that talks about Duryodhan’s Mahabharata. Parwati reviews the book that sees the age old story with from a different angle.

  • WhoLeena Walawalkar
  • What‘Are You Judgmental’
  • Tangy: Whenever we encounter something new, our first reaction is to absorb it and judge it through the filters of our own experiences and even prejudices. Have we become a judgmental lot, refusing to give people the benefit of doubt and a chance to prove themselves? Read Leena’s blog post on the issue.

  • Who: Divyakshi
  • What‘The Forgotten Palace of Deeg’
  • Tangy: Deeg is on the border of western UP and Rajasthan. Divyakshi explores the place and tells us why it is rich in history and a must visit for travelers and historians. The architecture was carved with love for Lord Krishna which simply makes it a must visit place for every devotee of Krishna. Learn more about the place through this blog post.

  • Who: Mohit Khurana
  • What‘Why Is It Important To Have Some Buggers At Your Workplace’
  • Tangy: Office schedules can tie you up badly and bore you some times. So is there a way out? We need to find our motivation so that we enjoy each day. Everyone has their own way of dealing with the office space and ‘surviving’ a day at work.  Check out Mohit’s fun way of dealing with the place where you spend the majority of your adult life.

  • WhoVinay Ravindranath
  • What‘The Refugees’
  • Tangy: The world is looking at refugees from Syria and other strife stricken countries. While most people look at a country’s capacity to absorb these refugees and give them a good life, nearly not enough attention is paid to the victims whose whole lives have been uprooted because of factors not in their control. Read a story about them, and give them some space in your thoughts.

  • WhoSapna
  • What‘The Dress can be ‘Garbaged’
  • Tangy: A mum and a daughter have a different relation, a young and an old woman with widely different or same perspectives. Well these two women can also have a lot of fun, a one of a kind relationship and a friendship to treasure for a life time. Here is the mother who talks about her daughter who has grown up, which is always a bittersweet realization for a mother.

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