Spicy Saturday Picks – October 3, 2015

Spicy SaturdayThe weekend is here and how. A long weekend is just what the doctor ordered, and we hope that you’re reading this edition of Spicy Saturday from some exotic location. If you’re not, that’s OK too. These weekly blog posts will make your weekend spicy. Read on!

        • WhoAbhishek Joshi
        • What“10 episodes from the life of a dog lover”
        • Spicy: There are (too) many articles and posts on the Internet about life and how to live it. But learning to live and love life doesn’t come from articles, it comes from observing things and the beings around us. Things sometimes happen without rhyme or reason, but experiencing them with an open mind will ensure that you take lessons for life from them.

        • WhoAathira Jim
        • What“The Smell of Home”
        • Spicy: Home is where your heart is and that is exactly the place where your life is. The smell, the vibe, the feel and the essence is something that will draw you towards it from any corner of the world. Check out this beautiful post by Aathira as she talks about her home and how being in it is like.

        • WhoAditya Mankad
        • What“Insane”
        • Spicy: To learn, experiment and evolve is an art and this is not always a pleasant experience. Time can suffocate you to an extent that you will question the very existence of everything around you. But hey, it is not just you. There are many people in similar situations. The idea is only to appreciate and celebrate the experience. Read this essence in a poetic form by Aditya.

        • WhoMeotherwise
        • What“Do you Google Maami? – With Digital India”
        • Spicy: They say when a woman learns, a society will learn. But how to educate women, and who will educate them are questions still unanswered. But as a start, we have reached a point where women in villages are talking about internet, URLs, the latest smart phone apps and much more instead of recipes and their domestic life. Hear more of what they are talking as Ramya narrates.

        • WhoRaghav Ravichandran
        • What“From TOASTMASTERS to Everything Else……”
        • Spicy: An accident is nature’s way of saying something that you instantly need to pay attention to. Raghav shares with the readers an inspirational story of his friend who meets with an accident, a deadly one and comes out of it all fine. Read about how he does so in a tete-e-tete between two friends.

        • WhoKarthik Lakshminarayanan
        • What” Asterix and the Digital Empire”
        • Spicy: When everybody does the same thing, it means that no one is thinking. The world seems to be for ‘going digital’ in every way. We rely on it for analysis, assumptions, the old and the new. We believe its doubts, presentations and results. Know more of what all happens in this digital world.

        • WhoSakshi Nanda
        • What“Cousins”
        • Spicy: Cousins are and will always be your first set of friends. They know you best. The good, bad and the evil in you. You may not need any friends outside them and as you grow up they mean the world to you literally. A touching story by Sakshi.

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