Tangy Tuesday Picks – September 22, 2015

Tangy Tuesdays

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Check out the tangy reads this Tuesday!

  • Who: Vivek
  • What“Kaas Plateau”
  • Tangy: We look in awe at pictures of Dutch tulips, but how many of us know that there are rare flowers right in our backyard? We know about the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand, but Maharashtra also boasts of one such magical place. The Kaas plateau has hundreds of varieties of wild flowers, some of which are found only in this area. Since these flowers are in bloom now, use your next long weekend to pay them a visit!

  • Who: Parvathy Ranjive
  • What: “Home made Whole Wheat Pita Bread”
  • Tangy: Pita Bread is very easy to make and are a great way to experiment with innovative fillings when you have guests coming over. Parvathy tells you how you can go about making them. They are made of wheat flour and are a great change from normal rotis and bread for adults and kids alike . Try this recipe and let us know how it turned out for you.

  • WhoReema Dsouza
  • What“A letter to Myself”
  • Tangy: When every day seems like a challenge, it is time to stop and embrace who you are, where you are and what you are. There is no problem you cannot solve, it is just a matter of perspective and attitude that you carry with yourself. So here is your dose of inspiration – a beautiful post by Reema.

  • Who: Gagandeep
  • What: “Why is it Necessary to Motivate Your Child for Sports ?”
  • Tangy: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Seems like the people who decide the curriculum in Indian schools haven’t heard this adage. Indian students are burdened with books and studies, and indulging in sports is looked down upon as a waste of time. So why are sports necessary?  Gagandeep takes an in depth view.

  • Who: Vaisakhi
  • What“Ganesh Utsav”
  • Tangy: Ganeshotsav is mainly looked at as a festival celebrated in India, but the love for the Elephant God is universal. People from all faiths and religions celebrate this festival in their own respective ways with a plethora of delicacies, each different from the other. These images tell you how important the festival is for Maharashtra and how it is widely celebrated.

  • WhoMansi Prasad
  • What: “I am unhappy when I am happy”
  • Tangy: Reading the title one might wonder in which direction should the thought process go. In times when we are forced to join laughter clubs to have a hearty laugh, the phrase is saying a lot more than you can think of. Finding the core purpose of your life is important but is it through satisfaction or dissatisfaction? Mansi ponders over this.

  • Who: Yamini Tiwari &   Yatharth Bhardwaj
  • What“Why is paper money one of the biggest scams in the history of mankind?”
  • Tangy: Most of our decisions in life are decided by money. Those little pieces of paper are responsible for shaping our psychology, decisions & perceptions for our life. Did you know this? Now take a read to know what happens with the money you deposit in your bank and why it should matter to you.

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