Spicy Saturday Picks, September 19, 2015

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Below are the weekly reads that you cannot miss from bloggers at BlogAdda!

        • WhoSKSrinivas
        • What“Ganesha”
        • Spicy: So the cutest of all Gods arrives with a bang and we have to start our Spicy Saturday with his arrival. Marking the beginning of the festive season that will be with us till the year end, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated throughout the country with much vigour. Srinivas takes us through the dos and the don’ts.

        • WhoSusmita Nanda Dash
        • What“True Happiness is in recreating the same dish which your mother excels”
        • Spicy: There is rarely a girl who has not tried her mother’s saree, bindi and most importantly her cooking practice. No matter how well you cook or you don’t, learning a dish that is well known only because of your mom is a matter of pride. Even if you are not well versed with your kitchen, cooking that one dish better than your mom sums up all of it. Sumita is one of these.

        • WhoAjesh Sharma
        • What: “How To Write a Novel”
        • Spicy: Writing is one of the best stress busters is no secret. But a novel takes some efforts. A lot of us want to write a novel and cannot find a way to beginning. So what are the things that one needs to keep in mind while starting to write a novel? What are the skill sets required? What is the state of mind that one needs to be in? Ajesh answers all your questions.

        • WhoNamrata Kothari
        • WhatFreelancing – Art of earning without stressing! Tips and Secrets Revealed”
        • Spicy: Majority of the people do not like taking up a job. They find the environment too restrictive and suffocating. Hence most among these think of freelancing as the coolest escape. Whether it is or it is not is the question best answered by a freelancer himself/herself. But lets take a look at Namrata’s experience. The perception differs with age, experience and people around you.

        • WhoHemamalini Kannan
        • What“Celebrating Engineering Day in India”
        • Spicy: Engineering in India has been the most popular career choice for decades. Today it  needs no explanation. Should we say thanks to the movie ‘3 Idiots’? Yes to an extent. While celebrating Engineering Day in India, lets take a look at the evolution of this prestigious field and how did it gain so much popularity. Hemamalini takes us through it.

        • WhoSushmita Malakar
        • What“Dating a Consultant!”
        • Spicy: The person you are dating can be known to quite an extent from a career he or she has. Or it is just true for some? Lets say it can be true. After all the career is so much a reflection of yourself and your personality. Sushmita shares her experience of dating a consultant much before he chose to become one.

        • Who“Ira PT”
        • What“Joker, Juggler, and Life”
        • Spicy: Hobbies, sports and entrepreneurship teach you a lot more than books and they teach you quite easily and realistically. These are the real life experiences and exams that are the final ones. You are playing it while you are living and there are no chances of undoing anything whatsoever. Ira takes some learnings from the Joker and the Juggler.

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