Tangy Tuesday Picks – September 15, 2015

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Take a look at some tangy blog posts by BlogAdda bloggers and tell us your favourite in the comments below!

  • Who:¬†Avinash Ramachandran
  • What:¬†“Bitter Chocolate”
  • Tangy: The art of narrating is one of a kind. An artistic writer knows how to create a world with his/her words in the readers’ mind. Here is a piece that will leave you speechless¬†and clapping your hands like you would after watching a brilliant performance.

  • Who:¬†Ritika Tiwari
  • What:¬†“Has Feminism Got Way Too Mainstream?”
  • Tangy: The debates on this topic always seem never ending. A proposed direction would have been a welcome, but that too seems a distant dream. So lets enlighten ourselves. Feminism exists and it is not a bad word or even remotely anti man. The kind of attention it gets just goes to show there are so many who are affected with it. Read on as Ritika gives her take on some grim realities.

  • Who:¬†Findingnimi
  • What:¬†“Tyag of”
  • Tangy: Humanity never did and never will need a reason to celebrate. But the tasks that are tying us and our acts leave us in a constant debate between our purpose, needs, wants and goals. These words can leave you awestruck with questions that might become difficult to answer. Let us all just remember humanity is the coolest universal thing. So CELEBRATE!

  • Who:¬†Rajlakshmi HB¬†
  • What:¬†“I Ain’t know You Lady !!”
  • Tangy: Shopping is a great experience provided you know how to experience and most importantly with whom. So the woman who is the heart of the family also will make sure she is worth of every single rupee she spends. The testing of the product, the bargaining, the checking etc. are gestures that are important and makes children wander to see what’s¬†happening around. That is a mom shopping. A cute story.

  • Who:¬†Abhishek Joshi
  • What:¬†The Amazing Story of 9/11 Rescue Dogs”
  • Tangy: The Twin Towers tragedy of 9/11 just completed 14 years, renewing the horrific memories for all of mankind. The loss is irreparable. Amidst all the chaos, firefighters, policemen, medical professionals and civilians acted bravely and selflessly. Rescue dogs also worked tirelessly alongside humans. Animals are truly man’s best friends and this brave¬†team of dogs must be thanked.

  • Who:¬†Suman Deb Ray
  • What:¬†“Maya, The Illusion”
  • Tangy: This might sound to you like a spiritual¬†lecture. But if you sit and ponder you will realize we are so confused about the present, past and future, that we forget to live. We are so unclear about our goals and take ourselves so much for granted that our senses practically do not know how to balance our material and spiritual worlds. Suman evaluates this in depth.

  • Who:¬†Polomi Mondal
  • What:¬†“Thrilling Harihar Fort Trek”
  • Tangy: Trekking is fun, refreshing and a great way to escape to a holiday mood while spending a fraction of a luxury trip. Maharashtra is a state blessed with a lot of ghats where you can explore the culture and diversity of the people around. Harihar Fort is one such place that you must explore. Polomi Mondal tells how how to go about it.

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