Spicy Saturday Picks September 12, 2015

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Now time to check out the best blogs this week in our Spicy Saturday Picks!

        • WhoKarthik Lakshminarayanan
        • What“Maths Teachers through the Ages”
        • Spicy: Recently we celebrated Teachers Day. Some memories are just priceless  and the charm of some relations cannot be described in words. This blogger feels that Mathematics teachers are often left out out of our favourite teachers’ list because of the subject they teach. So he takes this initiative to recall his days and experiences with his Maths teachers over his childhood years as a student. A must read. Will make you smile.

        • WhoAkil Bakhshi
        • What“Menifism!”
        • Spicy: So a lot has been said and debated about women and feminism. It continues in every corner of the world and the sad part is there is nothing new to be said most of the time.The society has buried a lot of unsung stories and some about men still are left unsaid. Heard the term Menifism? Let Akil explain.

        • WhoAvinash Ramachandran
        • What“Navrasa”
        • Spicy: Life is too short to think about whether or not a dream will come true, whether or not to expect love and most importantly whether or not one should celebrate with a full heart or not. Just go out there and do what you feel like because you are more than you think. Avinash shares his beautiful journey as a father and a husband.

        • WhoShivani Singh
        • WhatLets stop feeding the negative Trolls!”
        • Spicy: The Internet is a dangerous place. Before one starts using it, he/she should be given a manual that teaches how it has the potential to impact impressionable minds. Most internet fanatics consider it as the sole place to learn about the truth and lies, often missing out on the fact that the feeds are from real people who have emotions and feelings.

        • WhoSony Kalaiah
        • What“Coorg to Jaisalmer- A Very Long Drive”
        • Spicy: Road trips are very special. Sony has taken a road trip that you just might envy. A couple went out to explore the beauty and nature from Coorg to Jaisalmer by road. Check out the journey in pictures.

        • WhoDwija Baxi
        • What“The Spiti Story-1”
        • Spicy: Travel is very refreshing. It also teaches you a lot about life, lessons, blessings, problems and people. Probably this is why they say the one who does not travel reads only one chapter of the book of life. Dwija has explored her way out in Himalayas and has become wiser. Check out her lessons on wisdom here.

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