A trip down the WIN ‘14 memory lane

Trip down memory lane

See more photos of WIN ’14 here!  We want YOU to be a part of the memory lane next year! We’re sure you’re convinced after looking at these photos that #WIN15 is THE place to be! At #WIN15 we have been lucky to get really inspiring speakers and those amongst them are Natasha Badhwar, Krish Ashok, Aditya Magal, Ajay Jain… Well, the list is lengthy and filled with awesomeness. Check it here! #WIN15 is also going to be a day of exciting sessions and interesting workshops, exclusive to those who attend.  The thought of these sessions makes us want to jump from our seats and fast forward time to September 20, 2015. Book your tickets now and join us in #CelebratingBlogging!

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