Tangy Tuesday Picks September 08, 2015

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Now it’s time for our weekly reads from bloggers all over!

  • Who: Anand
  • What: “3 Old Indian Sayings that were actually Meant for Bloggers!”
  • Tangy: If you have been really confused about the ‘how to’ of blogging lately, then here is a plate full of easily digestible food for thought. It is purely Indian and presented after a wise evaluation of the whole idea of expression and the means of expression. Check out this blog post and steer clear off the blogging no-nos.

  • Who: Revreme
  • What: “A Handful Of Hope”
  • Tangy: Hope is a small word to understand the abundance of the supreme. The blessing however, is when hope is mixed with the turnings of life, in times of successes and failure. It is like the medicine that cures you to  just for you to fall ill again. To learn again and fail again to learn again. A string that is attached to your existence in an unapologetic manner. Reverme talks of hope.

  • Who: Shatakshi K
  • What: “Felt Organizers (DIY)”
  • Tangy: You will never dislike something you create by yourself. Such things are not just useful but also very dear and special to us. This is why DIY’s are always a hit. If you are bitten by the travel bug then this post is likely to sort you with your felt organizer. Shatakshi tells you how to make your own felt organizer.

  • Who: Uday Kanth
  • What: “Harry And Ginny Potter Visit India Fanfiction”
  • Tangy: While you have been keeping up with your work and personal life, you might have missed on the most entertaining piece of news. Legendary wizard Harry Potter and wife Ginny are in India. Uday takes you through the news and the plan ahead.

  • Who: Emotive Soul
  • What: “Stories to the sea”
  • Tangy: There are times when you quite consciously want to leave the routine behind to sit back and embrace the beauty of nature. We often succumb to these sweet temptations if you are in the city of dreams, Mumbai. Marine Drive is a place that will make you forget your world even if you didn’t ask for it.

  • Who: Ishita
  • What: “Victorias Secret”
  • Tangy: Victorian styled carriages are one of the biggest tourist attractions in Mumbai, featuring on almost every tourist’s to-do list. They give an old world charm and add to the diverse culture of this city. Most people have a sweet memory related to them. Check out one such fascination about them by a Mumbaikar and why many will miss it from their heart.

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