Winner Announcement: #MaxFreshMove Contest (Phase 1)

Freshness is the fuel for life. And what better way to add freshness to your life than with some music and dance? In this case, it was Allu Arjun on the floor grooving to Anushka Manchanda’s voice both syncing magically for Colgate’s latest track Taazgi Ka Dhamaka. We asked our bloggers to blog about how their life would get energized when Allu Arjun’s sensational moves and Anushka Manchanda’s magical voice came together for the Colgate #MaxFreshMove contest.

Winner Announcement: #MaxFreshMove Phase 1

We received some of the coolest compilations and sincerely thank our bloggers for the same. It is time to make the winner announcement for Colgate #MaxFreshMove contest!

Winner of the 1st prize is Ranjini.S who gets a Flipkart voucher of Rs. 10,000.

The 15 best bloggers who win Flipkart vouchers worth Rs.1,000 are as mentioned below:

  1. Pritika Jain
  2. Abhishek Sharma
  3. Debolina Coomar
  4. Tara Nair
  5. Sapna Bansal
  6. Manish Kapoor
  7. Kalyan Panja
  8. Madhavi Katre
  9. Ravindra Kumar Singh Rajput
  10. Ankita Shreeram
  11. Urmila
  12. Stories
  13. Karthik Murali
  14. Sarita Gupta
  15. Isha Khanna

Congratulations to all the energizing bloggers.

We await your presence at the grand blogger awards and conference on the 20th of September. Book your tickets and nominate your blog for WIN ’15. It cannot get better than this.

12 Replies to “Winner Announcement: #MaxFreshMove Contest (Phase 1)”

  1. What the hell is this Team Blogadda? Who is reviewing these posts? Such undeserving posts have been made to win like this. Guess you simply want to give everyone a shot at glory so they will keep on blogging no matter what. Don’t you care anymore for quality posts or even some actual imagination put in? This puts off the hard work we put in into our posts. Bad Bad strategy, Big Big letdown.

  2. @Sarthak Sorry that you feel this way. The winners are picked by the brand and BlogAdda does not influence or interfere in this process in any way to maintain impartiality. We would love to see your wonderful (and sometimes prize winning) blog posts for future activities too. 🙂

  3. really? and we are supposed to believe this? Blogadda doesn’t review the posts the very next day? Wow. I don’t know if writing all this openly will ultimately alienate me from your good books but I will say what I have to say. Even if we were to buy this explanation ( which I don’t) , it doesn’t justify these results. With all due respect to the blogging prowess of these bloggers, many of these winning posts are undeserving and that’s a fact. I myself went through the different links submitted on the contest page and they were far better than some of these winners. This proves only one thing. To encourage regular participation, you are deliberately making everyone win.

  4. Dear Blogadda admins,

    I am a newbie on BlogAdda and have only recently started writing for brand promotional activities here. I have won a couple of campaigns and lost some too. I did not win the #MaxFreshMove Phase 1 activity but did not actually care, for you how we say – you win some, you win lose some.

    But then it was Sarthak Brahma’s serious comments above, about the judgement process that got me curious about how the posts are judged on this forum. It inspired me to read all the winning posts listed here – while there are many that have an abundance of grammatical mistakes, the one that really stands out is one that has been submitted without a title (I am not mentioning the writer’s name here). Her whole post talks about MAID WOES, yes you read that right – maid woes, how the life is so difficult without a maid. At the very end of the 800+ words post, as if as an afterthought the writer remembers what the post was supposed to be about.

    After this post, I too am left wondering about Blogadda’s judgement process. Hope for the sake of fairness and transparency, somebody from your team will look into this and update the thread.

    Thanks and regards,
    Shashi Bala

  5. Any updates on participation voucher??? Please team BA
    do give some info its been long since the results have been declared..

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