Winner Announcement: Vicks #HugYourDad Contest

A father is equally around the child as a mother. He is the one who is silently but carefully looking after your needs. Be it accompanying you for preparing late in the night for an exam or surprising you with your first bike, he is there to shower you with all the love (and goodies!). This is what we witnessed in your posts for the #HugYourDad activity.


Your father is your best friend in trying times and the best teacher when you need to track your life path. Now that you have given the best hug to your dad by participating in #HugYourDad contest, it is time to get rewarded for it as we announce the winners.

First Prize worth Rs. 10,000 goes to Sammya Brata
Second Prize worth Rs. 5,000 goes to Sarthak Brahma

Congratulations to the winners! And every blogger with a valid entry will receive a mail from us soon!  Thank you for bringing the greatness of fathers out in the open and giving them the respect (and hugs) they deserve!

Go #HugYourDad again!

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