Tangy Tuesday Picks – July 28, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysWake up to the new, fresh and tangy side of this Tuesday with our best picks from our bloggers. These tangy sessions are never ending and gives you a quick read on the best things at BlogAdda.  If you think you could be one of  these, then send in your entries to us and you can be featured in out Tangy Tuesday or Spicy Saturday edition of the week.  If you need some inspiration then here are some tangy bloggers whose posts are a must read.

  • WhoDr Raksha Bhat
  • What“Dear Mr. President”
  • Tangy: The man who meant more than he lived. With an unmatched magnitude, he leaves us on the ground that will never fail to honor his contributions as a scientist, teachings and so much unconditional love for the youth an children of this country. He clearly lived a life that could only be lived and will never be expressed enough in words. RIP.

  • WhoSahithya Sridhar
  • What“15 Things To Do When You Are Bored”
  • Tangy: It is just one day to the week has started. Surely you will need a lot of fuel to survive through the week. Apart from tea and coffee breaks, here are some interesting things to take up when your mind just says NO to anything that comes in front of you. Sathiya has a list of 15 things that keep you going.

  • WhoVishal V Kale
  • What“Retribution – Reparation… And Colonialism “
  • Tangy: India is always emotional when it comes to coming out in defense for its freedom. Yes we have a loss that keeps it self alive in history books for every new generation and it is sadly irreparable. We will demand ourselves and our rights time and again. We want our losses repaired.

  • Who: Chitra Jagadish
  • What“Banana and Dates – Halwa/Burfi”
  • Tangy: Indian food is delight and one of the best indulgence in which the lovers would not mind spending the whole life in. Here is a sweet  that is a great option to have post a meal or at traditional Indian functions where food is usually a hot topic. Here is Chitra offering a recipe of Banana Barfi.

  • WhoSanjay Thampy
  • What“Proposed Surcharge – Apne Sar Pe Ek Aur Charge”
  • Tangy: The battles against surcharge that is levied by the government seems a never ending issue. Our growth and development cannot be one side or favoring a particular section of the society. There needs to be a balance. If not that slow but progressive steps to attain that balance. Sanjay elaborates.

  • WhoAmrita Roy
  • What“Achari Mushroom”
  • Tangy: Mushrooms are a rich source of proteins, especially for vegetarians. A few of them do not like Mushrooms but if you can cook it in a different way, you definitely do not want to miss out on this quick and healthy option. Amrita has tasty way for you to eat them in her recipe of Achari Mushrooms.

  • Who: Aditya Mankad
  • What“Her”
  • Tangy: A beautifully crafted poem by Aditya brings out the attitude towards same sex love stories and their twists and turns. Apart from the poem being narrated by a girl, it has been written aptly.

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