Spicy Saturday Picks – July 25, 2015

Spicy SaturdayHave you written an awesome post? Or come across one article that deserves more eyeballs than it presently has? Then you can send them to us in our Tangy/Spicy picks and we will make sure the efforts of the blogger get their due. If you feel the same for yours or any other blog then let us know, we will feature it in our ‘Blog of the Week’ edition. Till then read on to know what the Indian bloggers have been writing as we bring you the spice of each post in the list of the week as below.

        • Who:  
        • What: “Why Secularism Is Making Monkeys Out Of Us”
        • Spicy:  While there are a number of ways to divide people, secularism on other hand is known to be more accommodating and inclusive of all religions, faiths and nationalities. So why are the attempts of attaining equality for all in India debatable and counter productive in the present than ever before? Vishal dives in these deep waters.

        • WhoDr Raksha Bhat
        • What: “Dengue Season’s Lessons”
        • Spicy: As the monsoons sink in, the season of Dengue also accompanies it. While the measures to tackle it are always there, they are far from being long term and catering to the required demands. Raskha ponders on the issue to know to find the root causes of the disease being so lightly handled.

        • WhoDr. Nidhi Joshi
        • What: “Quote Of The Day”
        • Spicy: Each moment of our lives ends up being a little far from being its original best, given our busy lives and so many psychological battles that we come across and keep up with. But is all of it worth? Is mulling over life, people and issues a thing of investment of time? It is a pure ‘No’ !Dr. Nidhi has the secret in her quote of the day to a perfect life or rather a day.

        • WhoPurushu Arie
        • What: “Relaxing Corporate Dress Codes”
        • Spicy: Fashion is the best way to explore a unique dimension to your personality. Play wit your moods, everyday and in every aspect. be it a light day brunch, an evening party or a girls day out or Your work life adventures. Purushu has some classy ways to keep the office madness cool with a dress code. Decode it!

        • WhoPrasad NP
        • What: “Mirza Galib Ki Haveli”
        • Spicy: Urdu is one of the many beautiful languages of this world. It captures the essence of beauty in a poetic yet melodious and rhythmic light. There was a man who knew the art of this and captured it so beautiful that his poems were heard far off without a court’s nod and recalled still for his stature and excellency. Know more about Mirza Galib with Prasad.

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