Spicy Saturday Picks – 18th July 2015

Spicy Saturday

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Kumbh Mela is the dialogue that we use when some one gets lost in their way. We now have a full fledged activity on #TheKumbhMelaExperience. Blog about all things that come to your mind and you can look forward to unique experiences.

That is not all, we are ready with our best blogs of the week. Check them out!

        • Who:  Tirtha Tanay Mandal
        • What“Guptipara”
        • Spicy: India’s history is fascinating and captivating. You will want to explore it but never stop doing so. On the occasion of Rath Yatra for Hindus and Eid for Muslims, we have a blogger who has captured the essence of Rath Yatra in East Bengal. Guptipara is the place and Tirtha explores the magnificent history and importance of the same.

        • WhoRaju Da
        • What: “First Love At Second Sight”
        • Spicy: We have heard of love at first sight and how it changes a person, their personality and perspectives. Now read out what Raju has noted. He talks about love at second sight. Taking the perspective of the implications that follow once you when you are in love at first sight, that is what defines love at the second sight.

        • Who: Shilpa Garg
        • What: “Lessons From A Crashed Laptop”
        • Spicy: If I tell you to visit a bank and make a fund transfer, you will call be a backward and insist making an online fund transfer ‘assuming’ I have internet. That is the age we are living in and the way our psychology works. Please pause for a moment and also assume that you would have caught up with a long lost friend and cherished those moments for a lifetime. Shilpa has just learned some valuable lessons. Let’s all do it.

        • Who: Samparna Tripathy
        • What: Rape, Honour and the Supreme Court
        • Spicy: It is just so easy to talk and pass judgement, for or against. It is even easier for most of us to talk about any one, their sentiments and become godly to sit an devaluate the acts of other. The most difficult is to carve a constructive way out for the victim so restore that self that was unknowing of the evils of crime and pure. Sampana Tripathy elaborates. A must read for women, lawyers and Indians.

        • WhoBalaka Basu
        • What“Monsoon Destinations Near Mumbai”
        • Spicy: So while we see the monsoons playing Hide-N-Seek with us, here is Balaka anyways calling all of us for a break. Check out these three monsoon hangouts in Mumbai that are a perfect getaway for monsoons or just a plain weekend. All picked by Balaka.

        • WhoRagini Puri
        • What: “Top 5 Beach Resorts In Goa”
        • Spicy: If you like to travel and don’t mind taking a weekend off to a beach in the absence of rains, then check out these resorts in Goa brought to you by Ragini. They are a perfect way to engaging in fun ways with the H2O while it is still finding its way out to pour down with an open heart.

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