Tangy Tuesday Picks – July 14, 2015

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That was to write, now here we have for you the best blog posts of the week. Keep reading!

  • WhoManas Mukul
  • What: “The 28 ‘Something’ Bachelor”
  • Tangy:  A normal story of a normal 28 year old guy, who is normal enough to do and expect normal things out of life, is living in India and is 28 ‘something’. So what is the missing word? You know that ! Marriage ! Yes, he agrees on that one but he has his own reasons too. Meet Mukul, the bachelor who is facing weird questions that are farthest from the practical life that he is living.

  • WhoBilna Sandeep
  • What: “Why We Don’t Talk On Phones Anymore – A Mom’s Confession”
  • Tangy:  Most of us are usually struggling for ways to really enjoy and nurture our relations and lifestyle with people we are close to. The phone is the key player here. The internet being the next and our dependency on it for information (not truth) the third. Here it all from a mother, as Bilna shares her reasons for not keeping in touch over the phone.

  • WhoIshita Dutt
  • What“My question To Pseudo Feminists”
  • Tangy: The debate on equality amongst genders has been with us for a while. But what do you really mean by it? When the government provisions, policies and reforms keep changing; when the word ‘equal’ is talked about in relation to designations and salary bars; when the change we seek gets limited to a man vacating his seat for a lady. Ishita explores the debate.

  • Who: Dr. Nidhi Joshi
  • What: “Revenge – Lets Shop !!!”
  • Tangy: So ladies, we have often heard a man striving for revenge. It is aesthetically portrayed in our films, books and the daily TV soaps. So what does a women do if she wants to take revenge? Dr. Nidhi has some really cool answers for ladies. Check them out, try some and then do share your experience with us.

  • WhoDavid Johnson
  • What“Cooking=(Boiling+Frying)*Ingredients* Time”
  • Tangy:  What do you do when you have parents coming back home from a trip and you have to make some food? Especially when you cannot cook? Life might just go upside down when you don’t know what to do in the kitchen. David is in a similar situation and it is worth noting how he managed to ready the food and most importantly what he cooked. Read on to know more.

  • WhoNatasha Borah Khan
  • What: “Humbled By Fasting”
  • Tangy: The Ramadan festival is currently on and Muslims all over celebrate it with a day long fast that ends post sunset. Natasha too has been observing the same and facing questions that require clearing the air about fasting. Fasting is actually good and not a burden. In fact it makes you lighter at a spiritual levels. Read on to know more about Ramadan, fasting and even clearing some myths.

  • WhoDeepa Gopal
  • What“The Bride”
  • Tangy: In a beautifully crafted write-up, Deepa delves deep into the fascinations, emotions and inspirations of a bride. There is always a mystery that comes with her, for who she is and what she aspires to be. Deepa talks about all her manifestations on that one, special and a remarkable day in the life of a girl.

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4 Replies to “Tangy Tuesday Picks – July 14, 2015”

  1. Thank you for featuring my post. But I never received an email notifying me of it. Was it an omission? If ever in future any of my posts get selected, how do I get to know?

  2. @Chaitali, On everypage at blogadda.com, click on ‘What’s happening?’ and you’ll see Tangy and Spicy picks. There are links to respective forms from there.

    @Nidhi, yes you can. Ps email and we will send it to you.

    @Ishita, we generally comment on your blogpost so that you’ll know.

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