Winner Announcement: #StressFreeMom Contest

There are many ways in which we can thank our moms but having something written for her is just too cute and memorable. You can capture your emotions for your mom and express it at their best with a written letter. That is exactly what our loyal bloggers did for the #StressFreeMom activity.

Winner Announcement: #StressFreeMom Contest

Factually we cannot thank her enough for all that she does, but we can definitely make her realize how precious she is for us. We sincerely thank our bloggers to have participated in this activity and made your mommy bond even stronger. The winner is 1 we know but when it comes to a mother, there cannot be any debates. So we are giving away vouchers of Rs. 1,000 each to 30 best bloggers and their names are as below.

  1. Swati Bassi
  2. Pratikshya Mishra
  3. Antara Nandy
  4. Tennyson Thomas
  5. Roma Gupta Sinha
  6. Preeti Chauhan
  7. Ada Wiam
  8. Sunidhi Jain
  9. Rajesh Kasargod
  10. Shivani Shourie
  11. Deepika
  12. Amreen B. Shaikh
  13. Anupam Reddy
  14. Sarita Gupta
  15. Archana Vaidyanathan
  16. Astha Gupta
  17. Madhumita Phukan
  18. Amar Naik
  19. Sarthak Brahma
  20. Swarn Priya
  21. Tangerine
  22. Niharika Modi
  23. Sunita Rajwade
  24. Kiran Raj SIngh
  25. Parwati Singari
  26. Saranya Gopinath
  27. Ritika Kapoor
  28. Jaishree Khandelwal
  29. Nandini Deka
  30. Sushmita Malakar

Congratulations to all the wonderful bloggers and doting children ! Wondering what’s next? Participate in the #MaxFreshMove activity and you can win assured Flipkart vouchers worth Rs. 400. Winner gets a Flipkart voucher worth Rs. 10,000. We have given you all the reasons to stay with us and keep up the bloggers spirit.

The last date for this activity is midnight of July 14th, 2015. So get blogging!

9 Replies to “Winner Announcement: #StressFreeMom Contest”

  1. Thank you blogadda. This is my first win with u πŸ˜€
    I’d love to know when we would get our vouchers.
    Thank you so much!!

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