Spicy Saturday Picks – 11 July 2015

Spicy SaturdayThe weekend is here and we are calling you to express your love for babies. Participate in our #FirstLove activity and blog about the goodness of natural oils on a baby’s skin, bone and muscle development. Every valid entry wins a voucher of Rs. 250 and winners win BIGGG. Get fresh and leave behind your past week with our #MaxFreshMove activity. Blog about your favorite songs/videos or about your favorite dance steps from the video of Taazgi Ka Dhamaka and you can take home cool Flipkart Vouchers.

That is not all, we are ready with our best blogs of the week. Check them out!

        • Who:  Antarik Anwesan
        • What: “How I Spent 34 Hours In A Train Without Getting Bored”
        • Spicy: Quite a lot of us are fond of train journeys in India, unless you are frequent traveler in Mumbai locals. Then you are officially excused. From singing songs and connecting with your fellow passengers to working on laptops and smartphones, Antarik describes his own journey of 34 hours.

        • Who: Akanksha Katihar
        • What: Dear Weekend I Love You: Skater Dress and Gold Anklet
        • Spicy: The weekend is back and if you are searching for a reason to spend it well, here is Akanksha giving you the reason, outfit and place that is perfect for the given weather in the season. With her post, comes some cool fashion advice for you to pick and follow in the most natural and subtle way.

        • WhoLeena Walawalkar
        • What: “The Dil Maange More Sequel”
        • Spicy: If you’ve grown up in the 80’s-90’s era, then this post is likely to bring back some really cool memories with Bollywood movies, actors, stories and more. A perfect weekend read if you just want to stay back home and watch a comedy classic like Andaaz Apna Apna. Leena is giving you reasons for the same.

        • WhoNatasha Borah Khan
        • What: “The Fading Of Handwriting”
        • Spicy: Could there be a more perfect situation? I don’t think so. I agree with Natasha by her each said word. Nothing, there is absolutely nothing that can replace the pleasures of a pen and a paper. It is so human and has its own charm attached to it. Natasha recalls the age of writing with hands. I wish we never have to call it ‘once upon a time we used a pen and a paper’.

        • Who: Rumbles
        • What: “Can’t Marry Because You Are Drunk”
        • Spicy: The age is becoming more conscious than ever with men and women realizing the impact of the decisions they make not just on themselves but also on others. With this, the women coming out in open and giving a voice to their thoughts is a big-big-big thing in India. Check out these young ladies who chose to call off their weddings on the day itself for the grooms were not what they were expected to be.

        • Who: Ramaswamy V Krishnamurti
        • What: “Dare To Dream”
        • Spicy: Once again it is not about marks and degrees. It is about the feeling of accomplishments, feeling of doing something that was a calling by heart and not by global demands. Start dreaming, and fill your life with goals that make you mad each day and wake you up without alarms. This and more tips by Ramaswamy his highly motivating writings. 

        • WhoVishal V Kale
        • What: “Being Indian 2- The Line Of Citizenship”
        • Spicy: It is time to accept and reflect the Indian values that we were nurtured with by our mothers. It is time to restore the goodness within us and see it around in our world and people we live with. Vishal brings out the depth of Indianness alive in his writings.

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