Tangy Tuesday Picks – 30th June, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysFor our bloggers, blogging would be more fun and meaningful had there been rewards. They are a great way of acknowledging your creative strings and will motivate you to blog more. So are you Ready For Rewards? Blog on various themes and you can win assured vouchers of  Rs. 1000 and prizes worth Rs. 50,000. Monsoons are a great way to let your sit back and let your thoughts pour in.

Post writing, here are some tangy Indian blogs you wouldn’t want to miss reading this rainy weekday. Check out the best picks of the week.

  • Who: Cifar Shayar
  • What: “Laila-Majnu”
  • Tangy: The U.S has made gay marriages legal and this blogger has taken it to another beautiful yet lyrical high. If you are thinking that love is not that easy in India, then hold that thought. Cifar tells you, that come what may, love knows no boundaries, no discrimination but only emotions.

  • Who: Hemu Saini
  • What: “25 Very Very Short Six Word Stories”
  • Tangy: Short stories are fun and yet have the power to say heavy stuff. In little time they can rule your attention and even teach a lesson. they are high on literature and poetic masters. Check 25 of such short stories by Hemu. A great way to immerse yourself in a wordy world.

  • Who: Salvwi Prasad
  • What: “To, The Blod Me”
  • Tangy: Another short and sweet write up in a unique ‘Etheree’ format. The week is yet to pass by and here is a boost that will prepare you for the week that is yet to pass by. No it is not going to take you ages to read it. Just a couple of minutes.

  • Who: Senthil Nathan
  • What: “Inside-Out”
  • Tangy: A movie that connects with you at an emotional level with emotional characters. Check out what Mr. Senthil has to say about a rare mix of characters.

  • Who: Sidhartha Sankar Raut
  • What: “10 Tips For Success of Engineering Students”
  • Tangy: The debate on engineering students as to their marks, future and hard work seems to be never ending. After all degree alone does not do anything. There is much more to a you, your intelligence and your future. Here are some tips for the engineering class if the picture looks a little stuff for you. If its not you, or the engineer in you, some tips will do no harm.

  • Who: Vishal Kataria
  • What: “Why Smart People Play Their Cards Close To Their Chests”
  • Tangy: India is the only place where one gets advice of all sorts free of cost. Exceptions are always there. So how does one manage a situation where you don’t need the advice but instead the person giving needs one? Here is a  brilliant take by Vishal on how smartness should actually be applied.

  • Who: Mayura Govinda Rao
  • What: “London, The Exile Haven”
  • Tangy: Ever wondered  there is more to London than it being a holiday destination? Well, here is a blogger who has managed to. Further, it is not just about the present times, history has records and they are an eye-opener. check out what Mayura has to say about this.

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