A Day In The Life Of BlogAdda Part Deux

Recently, we invited you to the BlogAdda office through the the post ‘A Day In the Life Of BlogAdda‘. The kind of positive energy that came our way after that literally zapped us (we’re fine now, thank you). But now we’ve become a little addicted to all that positivity, so we decided to open the window a little wider and tell you some more about what we are up to at the Adda all day.

A day in the life of BlogAdda Redux

If we have to be really basic, our name makes it pretty clear that we’re all about blogging. And more than that, about bloggers. So our biggest gift is that we get to be associated with awesome bloggers from all walks of life, who surprise us with their passion and zest for blogging, regardless of what their day jobs are.

Speaking of zest, the #ZestUpYourLife weekend in Goa is etched in our memories and we’ll probably talking about that event to our grandchildren, even if they won’t quite understand us because we’ll be missing a few teeth by then. We’ll do something even more spectacular soon, and give bloggers some unforgettable memories too!

Speaking of unforgettable memories (we really need a new style of connecting topics, right?) how can we forget #WIN14? It was an EPIC #FTW kind of day for us, mostly because we got the satisfaction of meeting some great bloggers and adding value in their lives with speakers like Shekhar Kapur, Anaggh Desai, Ravi Subramanian, Kavi Arasu, Lakshmipathy Bhat, Manu Prasad, Amit Agarwal and many others engaging them in stimulating conversations.

Well, we know it’s now 2015 and WIN needs to come back with a bang in a swanky new avatar, and trust us, we are working to make just that happen. If you think you can contribute to WIN15 in any way, feel free to get in touch with us at contact@blogadda.com

There is another type of contributions that we look forward to. One of the collateral damages (to our waistlines) of working at BlogAdda is the steady supply of goodies that some of you send to our office. We’ve received unbelievably yummy homemade cakes and other sweets which we receive happily and demolish within seconds. Off late, the supply seems to have dried up a bit, so we would love it if you restart the supply! *waits for the delivery boy eagerly*

At the end of this sneak peek Part Deux, we wish to introduce you to the Captain America and Nick Fury of the Blogavengers. Captain America is obviously Nirav Sanghavi who delegates tasks, peps up the team when they’re down, protects us with his shield and ensures that our moral compass always points due north.

Nick Fury? He’s the crusader that comes in the dead of the night and helps the Blogavengers when they need it the most. (Whoops! Did we just go into Batman territory?) He doesn’t let us take the easy route, and never gives outrights solutions, but pins and prods our brains till we come up with the right answer. And then he disappears back into the darkness, only to come back the next time we need him. He shall not be named, but know that he is valued.

So that’s just what it is – Life aboard the BlogAdda ship. It’s not always smooth sailing, but we’re always on the look out for the next adventure.

If you would like to join the crew on this ship, contact us on careers@blogadda.com and we’ll make you a BlogAdda sailor!

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