Tangy Tuesday Picks – June 2, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysIt’s a ‘nosey’ Tuesday at BlogAdda! No, we’re not getting inquisitive, we’re just telling all male bloggers to participate in the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniff activity at BlogAdda. The #SniffSniff activity is also open, so male bloggers from Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore can still register for some mystery in their lives. Mumbai bloggers – register for the ‘Reliance Retirement Fund‘ meet on 6th June for a day of fun and interaction! Phew! After all this activity, take a look at some of the Indian blogs of the week.

  • Who: Anuradha Shankar
  • What: “The Pillars of Tadoba”
  • Tangy: The Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra is famous for its tigers and is frequented by wildlife enthusiasts wishing to catch a glimpse of the majestic feline. Tourists in this park mostly keep their eyes on the road and in the bushes to spot tigers, but this blogger kept her eyes on the sky and spotted a bit of our history.

  • Who: Bayar Jain
  • What: “Chengannur – Home Of The Bleeding Goddess”
  • Tangy: Talking about menstruation is considered a taboo in most of India, but thankfully the conversation around this completely natural phenomenon is opening up a little. While women in some parts of the country suffer serious social, economic and health problems because of the taboo, a temple in the small town of Chegannur, Kerala has a temple dedicated to a bleeding goddess, and a fascinating story to go with it.

  • Who: Harsh Agarwal
  • What: “How Professional Blogging is Different from Hobby Blogging”
  • Tangy: There are people who blog for pleasure and then there are ones who make it their full time job. Obviously, it is up to each blogger to decide what they want to get out of blogging, and the love for blogging is common to all. Still, there are some basic differences that separate professional bloggers from hobby bloggers.

  • Who: Maya
  • What: “When superheroes get old”
  • Tangy: Imagine any superhero and the picture that comes to mind is a young, larger than life person with a body to die for. But superheroes are mortals too, and most of them are prone to falling victim to things like old age and disease too. One artist imagined superheroes in their old age, and the results are quite funny (and a little unsettling).

  • Who: Nirali Naik
  • What: “Love Socially”
  • Tangy: In this age of junk food and expressing yourself in 140 characters, love too has become hostage to smileys, likes, updating relationship statuses on Facebook, and blocking your ex after a break up; a far cry from love letters and even love trunk calls of yore. This blogger writes about this ‘Social Love’.

  • Who: Relish and Cherish
  • What: “Must Read For All Mushroom Haters”
  • Tangy: Eeeeks! I can’t eat mushooms, I’m a vegetarian! How many times have you heard this line, or witnessed your friends picking off the mushroom off a pizza because they can’t stand it? Mushrooms are traditionally not very popular in India, but they are hot favourites in some cuisines. And with good reason, because they are low on calories and high on goodness. This blog post plays the devil’s advocate for the humble mushroom.

  • Who: Kena Shree
  • What: “Is It A Toilet? Is It A Canvas? Is It A Dating Site?”
  • Tangy: India’s rich tradition is reflected in the many monuments that dot the country. But in a case of ‘Familiarity breeds contempt’, Indians are at the forefront of defacing historical monuments with their paan stains and declarations of love scratched into ancient walls. Is anyone taking note of this slow poison that threatens to consume our heritage?

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