Spicy Saturday Picks – May 9, 2015

Spicy SaturdayThis Mother’s Day weekend, head over to BlogAdda because we have some great activities and exciting prizes lined up for you. And then go on to read Spicy Saturday Picks, the best that Indian blogosphere has to offer.

        • Who: Shivani Singh
        • What: “The living sinners”
        • Spicy: We call the earth ‘Mother Earth’ but abuse the planet for our own selfish reasons. Read this blog about the sins that we are committing against ‘Mother Earth’.

        • Who: Parul Thakur
        • What: “THE RIGHT TO ABORTION”
        • Spicy: Every living being has a right to life, but what happens when this right to life of a baby encroaches on the life of the mother? This blogger talks about the right to abortion.

        • Who: Dr Vikram Venkateswaran
        • What: “What Makes Public Cloud Popular in India?”
        • Spicy: Cloud computing is a new thing in India, but its popularity is picking up. Read this blog to find out what are the factors working in its favour.

        • Who: Antiserious
        • What: “I read a poem about Breasts”
        • Spicy: Breasts have held a place of great interest and mystery throughout the ages. Here’s a poem, more like an ode to these beautiful organs of desire and nourishment.

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