Want your art to be featured on the Game Of Blogs book cover?

Do you have a fertile imagination? Does your brain conjure up visuals as soon as you close your eyes? Then you are the perfect candidate to design the cover for the Game Of Blogs book!


Yes you heard it right. Your art can grace the cover of a published book! Game of Blogs was a revolutionary idea in the Indian blogosphere, where bloggers came together, formed teams and pooled their creativity together to create India’s first book created entirely through collaborative blogging.

And then we thought, why not have an entirely blogger-sourced book? So here’s your chance to create a scintillating cover for the Game of Blogs book that will compel readers to pick it up off the shelf.

Game of blogs winners, you can now own the book even more by sending in your cover designs to us.

So here’s what you have to do. Is your sketching pad ready?

1. Think about a beautiful, unique cover design for the Game of Blogs book. Here’s some help – think extraterrestrials, murder mysteries and thrillers.
2. Design a beautiful cover for the book and submit it to us before midnight 12th May, 2015.

Click on the button below to submit your entry.

Now that you know what to do, take a look at the specifications for your cover creation –

1. The size of the book will be 8″x5″ (Height x Width). The resolution of the cover should be 300dpi and it should be made in the CMYK colour scheme.
2. The cover design will include the front, back and spine of the book. Take a look at what your cover should look like here.
3. In case you want to use an image, make sure that you use a copyright-free image, (stock images/marked under creative commons).
4. The typography used (for the title, etc) should be in line with the theme you have chosen for the cover.
5. You can collaborate with other bloggers for this activity. One blogger can submit the entry in his/her name and drop us a mail at contact@blogadda.com specifying the other members in the design team.

So get your artistic hats on and be a part of India’s first collaborative blogging effort. Remember, the cover will be the first impression of the book and you have the power to create it!

Please note that the publishers reserve the right to use all or part of your cover design on the final cover. If any element from your design is used, due credit will be given to you.

We know you are a very inventive lot, and we can’t wait to see you draw, sketch and design your way into blogging history!

Terms and Conditions

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