Spicy Saturday Picks – April 25, 2015

Spicy SaturdayIt’s a weekend full of action at BlogAdda with three super activities just for you! Blog about how sharing the load of household chores leads to a happier, more balanced household for the Ariel #ShareTheLoad activity and win vouchers worth Rs. 30,000. Also, this is the last weekend when you can blog for the very fun Phase 2 of #CrashThePepsiIPL and win the Grand Prize worth Rs. 30,000 and assured vouchers too! BlogAdda has another great weekend activity for you – #CelebrateLifeAtIvy where you have to talk about the important things which make you celebrate every moment. A Grand Prize worth Rs. 15,000 and assured vouchers worth Rs. 500 await you! And now it’s time for Spicy Saturday Picks, some of the best blog posts written by Indian bloggers this week. 

        • Who: Ratan Singh Shekhawat
        • What: “एक किसान की आत्महत्या के बाद”
        • Spicy: The public suicide of distressed Rajasthani farmer Gajendra Singh at Arvind Kejriwal’s rally has thrown up everything from rage and sympathy waves to conspiracy theories into the Indian political scene. Politicians are busy milking the tragic suicide for their gains, which this blogger writes about.

        • Who: Mohul Ghosh
        • What: “Mumbai Has Costlier Rent Than Dubai & Kuala Lumpur”
        • Spicy: Mumbaikars know that Mumbai is not an easy city to love, and a recent survey shows that it is not high on the affordable list either. While Mumbai doesn’t offer too many things to the ‘aam aadmi’ in terms of standard of living, the opportunity cost of living in the city has sent property prices soaring ahead of cities like Dubai and Kuala Lumpur.

        • Who: Sanya Dhingra
        • What: “Why Even The Most Ardent Of His Critics Ought To Welcome Rahul Gandhi 2.0”
        • Spicy: Rahul Gandhi returned to India after a 56 day sabbatical to snarky comments and funny jabs about his whereabouts. The sabbatical must have done some good to the Gandhi scion, because he jumped into the thick of action immediately after his return. While his umpteenth relaunch is being seen with skepticism, this blog says that Rahul Gandhi 2.0 is good news.

        • Who: Arnab Ray
        • What: “About My Writing Habits And Some Other Stuff”
        • Spicy: Writing is a lonely profession and sometimes a frustrating one. There might be days when words just refuse to come to you despite your best efforts. Arnab Ray, author and blogger, talks about his writing habits. We’re sure you’ll find some tips that will help you in your writing.

        • Who: Jaibala Rao
        • What: “The Letter”
        • Spicy: To say that relationships are complicated would be a huge understatement, and often it is not until we lose our loved ones that we realize the value of what we had. Read this letter that highlights just how fragile relations are, and how we allow our ego to get the better of them.

        • Who: Earning My Quarter Mile
        • What: “Wandering In Kumaon”
        • Spicy: Travelling is the best way to get out of the maddening crowd and recharge your batteries. An even better way is to travel on a bike, where there is nothing but you, your machine and the road stretching ahead of you. Take a ride through the beautiful region of Kumaon with this rider.

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