Blog about the important things in life for #CelebrateLifeAtIvy!

Festivals and big occasions like a promotion or a wedding are generally a cause for celebration for everyone. A celebrations gets our spirits up and makes our days sparkle with excitement. So the question is, why wait for an event to happen? Why can’t we #CelebrateLife everyday?



Kolte Patil Developers and BlogAdda present the #CelebrateLifeAtIvy activity for you where we’re asking you to share what are things you need to lead a happy life and celebrate every moment.

Write about the things that make big occasions unnecessary, making you want to enjoy the moment you’re living in. Things that you feel should be present for you to be happy. It might be your family, job, hobby, pet, or discovering new places. Everybody’s inspiration to have a happy life is different. Blog about yours this weekend for the #CelebrateLifeAtIvy activity this weekend to stand a chance to win an exciting prize!


First Prize: Voucher worth Rs. 15,000

That’s not all, every valid entry will get assured vouchers worth Rs. 500!

Kolte Patil Developers feel that a good house is the best way to celebrate life every day. That is why they have created the Ivy Estate in Wagholi near Pune, a property spread over 85 acres in the lap of nature, which marries modern amenities and natural charm perfectly. The 1600 families already living there are a living testimony to this fact, and celebrate life every day.

What are the things necessary for you to celebrate every moment? Blog about them for the #CelebrateLifeAtIvy activity this weekend and spread some happiness!

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Instructions to follow:

1. The minimum word limit for each blog post is 400 words.

2. Each blogger can submit one entry for this activity.

3. The deadline for this activity is midnight 27th April, 2015.

4. Please include the following line in your blog post “#CelebrateLifeAtIvy by owning a dream home at Ivy estate, an 85 acre estate with 34 acres of greenery and open spaces. Join the 1600 happy families already living here. Check out this walkthrough video and decide for yourself.

So think happy thoughts about what makes you celebrate every moment, blog about it and win big!

Terms and Conditions

32 Replies to “Blog about the important things in life for #CelebrateLifeAtIvy!”

  1. New post on my blog: ‪#‎CelebrateLife‬ With Korea



    Three years ago, I relocated from South Korea to India. It was probably the most difficult decision of my life ever but one that had to be taken.

    Korea taught me a lot of things about living away from family, marriage, and raising children alone, but the biggest lesson of all was about celebrating life every day.

    In this blog post, I present an account of what Korea means to me and how it has transformed the way I perceive life.

  2. The winner has been announced. The voucher distribution will start within two weeks.

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