Take Care Of Yourself This Summer!

In childhood, summer meant year end vacations, weeks and weeks of free time to do as one pleases, but sadly, everyone has to grow up, and go to work even when the sun is beating down on us. We already told you how men and women can feel fashionable in summer. If you fear that you’re not quite equipped to deal with the summer, we give you a helping hand to breeze through the summer months without feeling like you will evaporate any second. Read on to see BlogAdda’s top tips for summer care.


1. Grooming is king


The easiest way of ensuring that you have a happy summer is to be clean and hygienic. The heat will obviously make you sweat and make you feel grimy, but remember a few basic grooming tips and you can minimize the damage caused by the sun.

2. Have a skin care routine for summer


All that heat is bound to make you lethargic by the end of the day, which means more chances of you going to sleep without removing your makeup or following any kind of skin care routine. But those few minutes of extra rest will take a toll on your skin in the long run, which is why you should take a look at this ready made beauty routine to give your skin some much needed TLC after braving the heat.

3. Tips for summer skin care


Undoubtedly, your face gets the worst of the impact of the sun, because of the constant exposure to the sun. Even the AC that you think is a welcome respite causes much unseen damage to your skin. Don’t rush to buy fancy (and expensive) creams and packs for your skin, just follow these skin care tips and keep your skin happy and glowing!

4. Banish that suntan


Try as you might, you can’t escape the wrath of the sun, and as a result, tanned skin. Everyone is quite attached to their original skin tone and not a fan of patchily tanned skin, so the suntan needs to leave your skin ASAP, right? Here are a few natural remedies to say bye bye to suntan in a healthy way!

5. How to prevent dehydration


One of the biggest dangers of being outdoors in the summer is dehydration. We can’t stay cooped up in our homes or offices all the time, so venturing out becomes a necessity. Sadly, not all of us remember to keep ourselves hydrated enough to counteract the effects of the heat. Well, if you’re one of the people who don’t reach out for that bottle of water every 15 minutes, here is a post that will help you prevent dehydration during summer.

6. Remedy for dehydration


So you forgot what our elders told us – to drink water and stay covered during the day in summer, and now have ended up getting dehydrated. Feel that sweat on your brow? Feel listless, Have trouble breathing? You seem to be a victim of dehydration. Some of the damage is already done, but worry not, you haven’t reached the point of no return. Here are the best things to do when you feel dehydrated. Follow these and you’ll be back to your refreshed self in no time.

7. What to eat in summer


Winter is for eating fat-rich comfort food, but the same sarson ka saag and butter chicken don’t sound too appealing in the summers, do they? Summer is the time when our stomach just wants to yawn, stretch and take a long nap, so digesting heavy foods is out of the question. So what should you eat to satisfy your taste buds and also help you keep cool in the scorching heat? We have some options for you.

8. First aid for heatstroke

Heat stroke is the big brother of dehydration, and its much worse. It causes headache, dizziness and the worst part is that children and elder people are more susceptible to it. If ignored, it can cause severe damage, and you really don’t want that, do you? If anyone you know suffers from heatstroke in the course of summer, keep this line of first aid treatment in mind to help the victim.

9. Happy summer for furry companions


So you think you’re the only one who is sweating it out in the summer heat? Well actually you are, because your pet dog or cat have no use for their sweat glands. Summers are just as hard for pets as it is for humans, so make sure that you don’t ignore your pet’s well being because the heat is making you miserable. Here are some things that you can do to make your dog’s life a little easier in the summer. You’ll surely get a few extra ‘Thank You’ kisses from it for sure!

10. Stay fit in the summer


It’s too hot outside! I can’t go running in the middle of the day! The gym is too far to go in the sun! These are the reasons that you might give to skip exercising in the summer, but they are little more than exercises. Why are we calling them excuses? Because even if you don’t want to venture out of the house, there are a few exercises that you can do at home that will take care of your health quotient in summer.

These are our tips to keep you happy and sunny side up this summer. Try these out and tell us which ones work best! You can also tell us your surefire tips that work in summer!


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  1. Incredible tips worth reading it…
    We face many challenges in summer to protect our skin, this tips would be a great remedy to solve of skin problems in summer. I have been using some tips in this by the suggestion my online doctor at evaidya.com it is showing great impact in protecting skin during summer..
    Thank you for sharing this tips..

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