Be Fashion Ready for Summer 2015!

The sun has come out in all its glory, heralding the arrival of summer, which means it’s time to ditch the scarves, trench coats and revamp your wardrobe with summer essentials – dresses and breezy clothes. It wouldn’t do at all if you don’t get this year’s summer fashion right, so we at BlogAdda have compiled a list of Summer 2015 must haves. Take a look at this list and rival the summer sun in its hotness!



1. Palazzo Pants


Can anything rival the comfort and confidence that palazzo pants give? These loose and roomy pants suit any body type, and if styled well, they can become such an addiction that you will never look at plain jeans or jeggings again. Know how to wear your palazzos with panache here.

2. Sunglasses


Not that girls stop wearing sunglasses in any weather, but summer is the season when you can proudly flaunt the latest sunglasses that you bought. Gone are the days of wearing just aviators and wayfarers, there are many more sunglass designs available today, especially for the ladies. These are the things that you should keep in mind while buying your next pair.

3. Crop top


Showing cleavage can sometimes broach the tacky territory, while not everyone is comfortable showing off their legs. But baring just a hint of your midriff in a classy crop top is all the rage, and this trend will continue for some time to come. If you’re not too keen on showing off your stomach, you can style the crop top to suit your style. The possibilities are endless.

4. Printed pants 


The heat of summer makes it a little difficult to wear our trusty denims all the time. Summer is the time to ditch boring plain jeans and go for snazzy prints that look bright and cheerful in the summer sunlight. Be bold this summer and try your legs…we mean hands at wearing these interesting prints.

5. Maxi skirt


Traditionally, summer is the time to wear sundresses, but with the maxi trend taking over the skirts and dresses world, it is a great time to try your hands on this trend. Maxi skirts are great at hiding problem areas (if you have any), and come in all kinds of materials, colours and rises. Choose the style that best suits you.

6. Make up


Just like fashion, makeup too changes according to seasons. The deep blues and jewel tones of winter have no place on your face in the bright light of summer, a season more apt for bright and natural shades. The summer of 2015 will see some great trends in makeup, so make sure you’re on top of the make up game.

7. Jumpsuits


The comfort of trousers coupled with the elegance of a dress – jumpsuits are truly the best of both worlds. They can go from casual to party wear to even formal wear pretty quickly, and that is the main reason why it is a summer must have.

8. Tank dresses


Tank tops are some of the most comfortable summer wear, but why go through the trouble of matching bottoms with your tank top when you can just wear a tank dress? Casual, fun and yet feminine, tank dresses can make you look summer ready in a flash.

9. Footwear 


You might think that summer is only for flip flops, but there are tons of other options that you can choose from. Funky sneakers to protect your feet, flats and bellies for a casual day look, and colourful stilettos and sandals for all those summer parties that you get invited to – you can play dress up with your feet all summer!

10. Summer skin 


Imagine wearing the best of summer fashion and then being let down by sweaty, patchy or acne ridden skin. Summer can be fun, but the incessant heat does take a toll on your face. This is where summer skin care comes into the picture. Take a look at these simple tips to have glowing, summer-ready skin.

These are out top trends for Summer 2015. Try these out and let us know how they work out. If you have any fashionable tips for the summer, let us know in the comments session. Have a happy summer!

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