Tangy Tuesday Picks – February 17, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysWe hope you had a great weekend and are now hard at work for the week. Make sure you blog for ‘The World Remade‘ activity where you can win India Today #Conclave15 passes worth Rs. 1 lakh each! The historic Delhi elections mandate drew many reactions from the blogging community and we took stock of them in ‘Buzzing Blogosphere – AAP wins Delhi elections‘. And of course, here are some of the best blog posts from Indian bloggers this week for Tangy Tuesday Picks, so read on!

  • Who: Himani Agarwal
  • What: “India vs. Pakistan- Just a win!!!”
  • Tangy: When it comes to India-Pakistan battles (we mean on the cricket pitch), it is a given that the nation whips itself up into a frenzy, and becomes one entity while cheering for India’s boundaries and Pakistan’s wickets. This blogger feels that patriotism is fine, even great, as long as it doesn’t cross some lines.

  • Who: Devang Pathak
  • What: “For My Valentine”
  • Tangy: We recently witnessed a great festival of love on 14th February, with romantic gestures and proclamations of love. But more often than not, the days preceding Valentines Day are filled with horror and panic to buy the perfect gift and plan the perfect surprise, or risk getting your love questioned. *shudder*. This blog post questions this phenomenon, in a lighter vein.

  • Who: T T Ram Mohan
  • What: “The many mistakes of Narendra Modi”
  • Tangy: Many pundits feel that the Delhi elections mark the end of the ‘Modi wave’ sweeping the nation for more than a year now. While this might not quite be true, there were some mistakes that were made by the Narendra Modi government that might have cost them the Delhi elections and can cause them more damage if not checked in time.

  • Who: Rajesh K
  • What: “Happy Man”
  • Tangy: All of us make mistakes and have regrets. While some people let these mistakes fester, very few have the will to rectify the mistake and live a happy, guilt-free life. Here’s a short story about the same.

  • Who: Aanteladda
  • What: “Dekho Dekho Jang Chhidi Hai”
  • Tangy: It’s the season of outrage and everyone’s invited to the party! Every week, easily offended people find a new thing to be outraged about. Social media has made it quite easy to sit at home and target someone who has gone against your sensibilities. Just because you can, does it mean you should?

  • Who: Gayathri Ramanathan
  • What: “10 Guys You Should Avoid On Facebook”
  • Tangy: Facebook is a great place to connect with friends, stalk your crushes, and know the latest updates about long lost contacts. For girls, it is also a place where you get unwanted attention from people who want ‘fraandship’ with you and won’t take no for an answer. This blogger lists down the 10 types of guys that you are better off without on Facebook. Screenshots included for illustration.

  • Who: Tejas Limkar
  • What: “Amour t’es la?”
  • Tangy: ‘If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were.’ How many people have read this quote by Richard Bach and waited patiently for their love to come to them? Some might find that this quote is true, but is it always advisable to wait for the Universe to give you your love without doing anything about it?

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