10 must have recipes during Holi!

Holi is hardly a month away and it won’t be long before preparations for the festival of colour begin in true earnest. Holi is not just about colouring your friends’ faces till they’re unrecognizable and then spending the rest of the day trying to scrub the colour off your face and hair. It is also about gorging on delicious food, made specially for Holi. After all, the fun and running around is bound to make you hungry! Here are some special Holi recipes for you to try, and watch as your creations disappear on Holi day!



1. Gujiya

This one is a classic! A flaky, crispy fried pastry that just begs to be bitten into, revealing a rich filling inside. Traditionally, the gujiya is stuffed with dessicated coconut and mawa, but you can play around with the filling as you please. Take this recipe, and then get creative with the stuffing!

2. Puran poli


Aaah! The comfort of this predominantly Maharashtrian and Gujarati delicacy can’t be explained in words. Puran is a sweet stuffing made from chana dal and jaggery (or sugar), flavoured with cinnamon and cardamom. Puran poli is traditionally made on Holi by Maharashtrians, and is best eaten hot off the griddle with a generous drizzling of ghee!

3. Bhang Pakore


Holi sounds incomplete without bhang right? This is the time when the most sober of people let their hair down and let their spirits soar. If you are not a big fan of thandai, you can try this recipe of piping hot pakoras with just a hint of bhang. And for those of you who don’t feel too strongly about bhang, just leave it out of the recipe while making these pakoras!

4. Baked Namak Paara 


Frankly these Namak Paaras – diamond shaped salted crackers, can be eaten anytime of the year, but there is a different thrill to shoving fistfuls of these into your mouth with still-coloured hands. To lessen your guilt about eating too many, here is a recipe that substitutes frying with baking, so you can eat to your heart’s content!

5. Achaari Mathri


Mathris are a great evening time snack, and it is quite easy to finish a whole batch of these during tea time. They are also traditionally eaten during Holi, because who has the patience to wait for a whole meal on that day? Here is a recipe for Achaari Mathri, which you can have on its own, or top it with chopped vegetables, cheese or even tomato salsa!

6. Kesar rice Kheer


On the day of Holi, many households wake up to the smell of saffron wafting through it when Kesar Rice is made. This sweet dish, with the colour and flavour of saffron, is a Holi staple. However, if you find that rice is too heavy for your palate, here is the dish reincarnated as a kheer, which you can enjoy chilled.

7. Kachori


A perfectly fried golden outer cover, filled with spicy goodness inside. Is there anything better than a steaming hot kachori on Holi? The beauty of this snack is that every household can have their own favourite stuffing, from chana and peas, or even spiced exotic vegetables! Here is one recipe with the most versatile vegetable – potato, which will have you smacking your lips!

8. Thandai


You thought we would miss the delicious Thandai in a Holi special post? No way! This deceptively simple looking drink is packed with the goodness of milk, dry fruits and spices. With the temperatures rising steadily recently, we would advise making loads of this Holi special drink.

9. Potato Cup Chaat


Holi is quite synonymous with chaat and other snacks (we already told you nobody has the patience for a full meal). There are many types of chaat – chana chaat and the regular bhel and sev puri. Why not try something different this Holi with this Potato Cup Chaat? Again, you have all the freedom to fill the potato cup with any yummy goodies that you want.

10. Methi na Gota


OK we confess, there is no better combination than Holi and deep fried food. Methi na Gota is a traditional Gujarati recipe, which is very simple to make, and marries the earthy flavour of fenugreek with spices and besan. Have these fluffy hot gotas fresh and wash it all down with a chilled glass of Thandai.

These are the must-try Holi recipes that will add a delicious colour to your Holi festivities. Try them out and let us know how they turn out!

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