Spicy Saturday Picks – February 14, 2015

Spicy SaturdayBefore you take off for a romantic Valentines weekend, be sure to blog for ‘The World Remade‘ and win passes to the India Today #Conclave15 worth Rs. 1 lakh each! You’ll also find this week’s WOW prompt interesting, and we’re really looking forward to reading all your WOW entries, so get blogging! This week’s Spicy Saturday Picks have love and sentiments written all over them, so have fun reading them!


        • Who: Vinitha
        • What: “..AND THAT’S WHY WE BLOG!”
        • SpicyBlogging can be quite a thankless activity, and it might feel like you are talking to yourself a lot of times. Then why do people blog? What satisfaction do they get for their efforts? This blogger tries to dissect the passion that is blogging.

        • Who: Ekta Khetan
        • What: “Rape, She Fought”
        • Spicy: If a woman is given charge of her own life, she can achieve anything that she sets her sights on. But instead of following their dreams, all women are forced to fight for something that should be a basic right – their own safety and security.

        • Who: Prerna Sinha
        • What: “How to be romantic on Valentine Day with kids hanging to you like attachments !”
        • Spicy: All you happily married people with kids, don’t spend your Valentines Day sighing about your romantic olden days when you spent Valentines Day with your partner without a care in the world. 14th February is not just a day for young couples and you can celebrate this day of love with the ones you love most – your spouse and your children.

        • Who: Tulika Singh
        • What: “Where did my babies go?”
        • Spicy: Parents of newborn babies have their hands full with the responsibility of raising a young one. There must be times when parents wish for them to grow up, just so they can have some free time to themselves. But as kids grow, they need their parents less and less, so do parents really wish to be rid of their kids’ responsibilities?

        • Who: Abhishek Joshi
        • Spicy: Valentines Day is all about true love, but considering the number of heartbreaks and heartaches we see around us, it won’t be wrong to say that dogs are the only ones capable of true love nowadays. No expectations, no judgements; just unconditional love!

        • Who: Uma Srinivasan
        • What: “Imperfect women and Perfect men huh?”
        • Spicy: Men who ‘let’ women do their own thing are considered quite progressive and liberal. The assumption that women need to be ‘allowed’ to do what they like is wrong on its own, but an alarming number of women are OK with even this basic freedom being taken away from them.

        • Who: Keirthana T S
        • What: “How to check out women?”
        • Spicy: OK (most) men, your secret (which was never really much of a secret to begin with) is out in the open. You check out women. It’s as natural to you as breathing but something that you don’t do as inconspicuously. So here’s a list of tricks you can employ to successfully look at pretty women without making a fool of yourself in public.

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