Tangy Tuesday Picks – February 10, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysBlogAdda brings to you a new feature – Buzzing Blogosphere, where we take a look at what the blogging community is talking about. Here is the first in the series – AIB Knockout: The Ghosts of a Roast. If you want the world to know your crazy love story and win a stunning pure gold band for it, submit your entry for the BlueStone #SoundOfLove activity before midnight of 11th February! Here are some of the best Indian blog posts this week that have been picked for the Tangy Tuesday edition, so be sure to take a look!

  • Who: Parul Thakur
  • Tangy: Every office, big or small, is a melting pot of personalities of all types who have to find a way to work together for at least 8 hours a day. This blogger notes the 13 kind of employees in every office. Take a look and find these personality types in your office!

  • Who: Antarik Anwesan
  • What: “What if you died right now?”
  • Tangy: Scary thought, right? The inevitability of death is as immutable a truth as the randomness of birth. Still, we keep delaying all the things that we really want in the hope that someday we’ll be able to do what our heart desires. Don’t you think the fear of a life not lived fully should be greater than that of death?

  • Who: Ashwini C N
  • What: “The Art of Small Talk.”
  • Tangy: Small talk is often looked down upon while all of us desire to be knowledgeable about a topic and wax eloquent on the same. But small talk is just as important to create bonds and network, as this blog post shows.

  • Who: Harsh Agarwal
  • What: “Why No One Is Reading Your Blog”
  • Tangy: So you write the best blog posts and your friends who read it say that it’s a work of art. But if you don’t have traffic on your blog, you will remain an undiscovered artist. What can you do to ensure that people other than your friends come to your blog and stay in the longer run?

  • Who: N. Aswin Madhu
  • What: “The Brothers”
  • Tangy: Every man is defined by the things he is passionate about, and sometimes this passion gets the better of men. This blog post just goes to show that there is a thin line between what’s good and bad.

  • Who: Anirudh Rao
  • What: “What is inside you?”
  • Tangy: How many times have we met a friend going through a tough time and given them the analogy that ‘gold is purified after passing through high temperatures’ or some such about pressure building character. But every person reacts differently to pressure, so what’s your reaction?

  • Who: Sourav Mishra
  • Tangy: That Amitabh Bachchan has a crazy legion of fans is an indisputed fact for decades now. Wherever he goes, hordes of fans chant his name, desperate for a smile and a wave. But this age of television and social media has seen the rise of new age celebrities who enjoy a similar level of fandom. Read this blogger’s first person account of such an incident.

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