Spicy Saturday Picks – January 31, 2015

Spicy Saturday Tired of your dreary, bland week? Get ready to spice it up with Spicy Saturday Picks, the weekend edition of wonderfully written blog posts. It is the last weekend when you can blog for #UseYourAnd and get assured vouchers so get writing for it now. This weekend you also get the only chance to write about your unfulfilled wish list with #SecondChance and win vouchers worth Rs. 1000!


        • Who: Dr Pooja Tripathi
        • What: “AN OPEN LETTER TO ALKA RAI”
        • SpicyColonel MN Rai, commanding officer of 42 Rashtriya Rifles sacrificed his life for the country during a fierce encounter with militants in Kashmir. His young daughter also showed equal bravery when she uttered her martyr father’s regiment war cry at his funeral, moving the nation as a whole. This is a blogger and a daughter’s open letter to the braveheart.

        • Who: Ganga Bharani
        • What: “What are you doing this Valentine’s day?”
        • Spicy: The 14th of February is fast approaching and Valentine’s Day conjures up images of chocolates, flowers, gifts and candlelit dinners. But is it always possible for partners to make time for these grandiose plans? And if these things are not done on V-Day, does it mean that your loved one adores you any less?

        • Who: Kalyan Karmakar
        • What: “A lyrical old Delhi dinner with Chowder Singh”
        • Spicy: Glitzy, swanky Delhi – the capital of India and the power centre of the country. There is also another side the city, old Delhi, which still indulges its citizens with small joys and smaller road side food stalls. A foodie takes a gastronomic journey through the old lanes and finds food both for his stomach and thought.

        • Who: Kumar Gautam
        • What: “Hunger Games”
        • Spicy: Most people take food, rather a variety of food for granted, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we are spoilt for choice. This has lead to us taking life giving food for granted and waste a lot of it solely on the whims of our taste buds. Take a look at the other side of the spectrum, where nourishment is not an indulgence, but the thin line between surviving and perishing.

        • Who: Ranjini.S
        • What: “Tips and Ideas For Inexpensive Gifting”
        • Spicy: It’s that time of the year when we stare into our computer screens, pretending to work or study, all the while racking our brains for a brilliant gifting idea that will knock the socks off our loved ones, and not rock our budget boat in the bargain. This blog post might just be your saviour, with some cute inexpensive gifts that will win you brownie points for sure.

        • Who: Sid Balachandran
        • What: “Guilty? Or Guilt Free?”
        • Spicy: Common knowledge dictates that new parents feel nothing but ecstasy at the arrival of their offspring. The truth is that most parents are racked with guilt and self doubt over the style and effectiveness of their parenting. This blog post tells you that being real parents is more than enough, even if you don’t think of yourself as the perfect parent.

        • Who: Camellia B
        • What: “SALE! SALE! SALE!”
        • Spicy: Shopaholics love this time of the year when sales make their presence felt and the announcements of huge discounts sound like music to their ears. God forbid if you are not a seasoned sale shopper, because finding and buying what you want in this crazy, competitive time is not a small feat by any measure.

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