Best Blog Posts of 2014- Tangy Tuesday Edition

For the whole year, you send in your entries and see to it that bloggers wake up to a Tangy Tuesday. There are dozens of wonderful blog posts that make up our Tangy Tuesday picks so it is a huge task to select the best of them but we tried to choose and these are the Tangiest blog posts of 2014. Can’t get enough? Then head over to the Best Blog Posts of 2014- Spicy Saturday Edition to read our choicest Saturday picks.



  • Who: Purba Ray
  • What: “India’s Bai-lateral relationship with US – It’s complicated!”
  • Tangy: A woman’s relationship with her maid servant or ‘bai’ is such a powerful one that it can cross the borders of home, state and even nations. As India and the US woke up to the realization of this powerful relationship because of a certain diplomat, a blogger found fodder for her hilarious musings.

  • Who: Jaspreet Soni
  • What: “Compassion: Is It So Hard To Come By?”
  • Tangy: We love and cling to normalcy in our lives and shun anything that goes beyond the boundaries of our standards. This blogger tells us that normal is not black and white but a whole spectrum of colours which we should embrace.

  • Who: Aditi Mittal
  • What: “Woman at Work”
  • Tangy: Stand up comics are a rare breed, and a female stand up comic even rarer. We’ve read many reports of sexism in the corporate world, but this hilarious and scathing take on chauvinism in public life will make you chuckle and introspect too.

  • Who: Roshan R
  • What: “You can’t keep a good heart down.”
  • Tangy: Ellen DeGeneres is a show host, actress, comedian and has hosted big ticket award functions. With the kind of success she has enjoyed, it would be easy to assume that she’s had a charmed life. This blog post chronicles the difficulties in the life of one of the most successful women in the world.

  • Who: Srinidhi Raghavan
  • What: “To new beginnings..”
  • Tangy: The end of the year marks a new beginning that we all look forward to. But what happens when you are forced to make a new beginning because your last story ended abruptly? This blogger explores a different type of beginning.

  • Who: Rathina Sankari N
  • Tangy: We tend to romanticize travel and the things that it gives us. This blogger takes a pretty realistic route to telling us what travel does to us and why we should indulge in it. Read on and be tempted to book your tickets to an exotic destination!

  • Who: Soumya Mukherjee
  • What: “The Dream of a Conversation”
  • Tangy: As New Year’s Eve approaches, people rush to be with their family. This is true of all times as we want to spend most of our moments with our loved ones. How far can you go to be with the person you love most?

  • Who: Ilakshee Bhuyan Nath
  • What: “Colours Are Silent”
  • Tangy: Everyone meets obstacles in life and the human spirit is such that it almost always triumphs over them. Some people even manage to go above and beyond and make something beautiful out of their lives, as this blogger discovers.

  • Who: N. Aswin Madhu
  • What: “The Jog”
  • Tangy: It would be difficult to find someone who doesn’t have any regrets. All of us feel bad about hurting the ones we love and wish for a way to rectify it. What if we got another chance to set things right?

  • Who: Prasanth Sreevalsam
  • What: “Colour chalks”
  • Tangy: ‘One good turn deserves another’ is what we have heard forever. But even if there is no reciprocal good turn, the ripple effect of the good turn will ensure that happiness comes back to the do-gooder. At least that’s what this blogger wants to say with his story.

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