Best Blog Posts of 2014- Spicy Saturday Edition

The last Saturday of the year is upon us so it is time for the last Spicy Saturday Picks of 2014. We are thankful to all our contributors who made our weekends ‘Spicy’ with their submissions. For this edition, we are doing a round up of some of the best Spicy Saturday posts that we came across through out the year. Go through our favourites and don’t forget to tell us which post you found the best! Happy Reading!


    • Who: Parvathy J
    • What: “Playing Santa”
    • Spicy: Christmas is looked at as a season of indulgence and revelry, but there is another side to Christmas, i.e., giving, that can make us happier than we have been before. We picked this post because it showed us that with a little opening of our hearts, we can play Santa with aplomb.

    • Who: Soumya Prasad
    • What: “Luscious Red”
    • Spicy: We are born of red and also perish in the red of flames or the red earth. This all encompassing colour is a constant through out the year, which is why this beautiful description of ‘RED’ finds its way into this collection.

    • Who: Sakshi Raina
    • What: “An open letter to my father on his birthday”
    • SpicyIf we were asked to choose between our parents, we wouldn’t be able to tell if we loved our mother more or our father. Still, we find it easier to express our love for our mom while we stay silent around our father. This letter from a daughter is a way to say thanks to the rock in every child’s life- a father. Make your dad read this if you can’t show your love for him!

    • Who: Laxmi Hariharan
    • What: “Prelude to a change”
    • Spicy: When we are faced with problems in life, we turn to everything from advisers to the occult for help. We loved this post not only because it explained this tendency very well, but also for its unexpected ending. A must read!

    • Who: Tikuli
    • What: “You and Me – Gratitude”
    • Spicy: It is said that being a writer is one of the loneliest professions in the world because no one understands the process of how they bring out words into the world. This post comes pretty close to explaining the art of ‘expression’, which is sure to strike a chord with bloggers and everyone who feels there are words waiting to come out of them.

    • Who: Shwetabh Mathur
    • What: “Heroes: That’s Me”
    • Spicy: The nation and its citizens pay their respects to soldiers periodically on big days or after their death. But does the soldier who stands guard at our borders really care for accolades? Wouldn’t he do his job just as gracefully even in the absence of glory?

    • Who: Brinda Krishnan
    • What: “The Pinocchio within Us”
    • Spicy: The tale of Pinocchio takes on a different meaning for everyone who reads it. It is often used as a warning to kids that lying will get them in trouble. As we grow up, do we take this learning with us or are they left far behind? This blog post gives us a much needed reminder.

    • Who: Mayura Govinda Rao
    • What: “The Great Indian Traffic”
    • Spicy: The only rule of Indian traffic is that there are no rules. Come rain or shine, 2014 or 2015, the state of Indian roads is not going to change. As we think of new things to look forward to in the new year, here is a funny take on India’s traffic situation that can be a reality check.

    • Who: Jyotsna Bhatia
    • What: “Chai and Sarkari Babus !!”
    • Spicy: Tea, or rather ‘chai’ is an omnipresent beverage, present everywhere from posh offices to roadside stalls. This post gives us a peek inside the mysterious walls of a government office, and how the humble chai lubricates the cogs of bureaucracy.

    • Who: Sid Balachandran
    • What: “I Don’t Know How She Does It!”
    • Spicy: The term ‘hands-on dad’ is gaining currency nowadays, with fathers volunteering to be more present in their kids’ lives. However involved a father might be, is it possible for him to micro-manage like a mother can? This blog post is more of an experiment on the subject. Read to know the results!

    • Who: Radha Rao
    • What: “कुछ बातें”
    • Spicy: A mother’s love is a thing that transcends all boundaries of class and money. The dreams that a mother has for her child are not limited by income or education. This post shows the will of a mother, which is powerful enough to give wings to any child’s future.

    • Who: Ruchira Shukla
    • What: “Caged Within”
    • Spicy: We feel a twinge of sympathy when we see animals and birds in cage, unable to live their life freely. Then why is it that we look the other way when we see humans in the same condition? This blogger experienced something that looks unpleasant at first glance but has the potential to be a life changing incident.

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