Spicy Saturday Picks – 6th December, 2014

Spicy Saturday It’s Saturday, which means it’s time for you to browse through the best of Indian blogs with our Spicy Saturday picks . After you’re done, you can head over to the #WillYouShave activity and check out the opportunity of the week! Feel in the mood for some writing? Participate in the #BlogToFeedAChild activity and feed a child for an entire year with a blog post! There is also a new WOW writing prompt for you, and it promises to be very interesting.

    • Who: Shalini
      What:“And so the lamb fell in love with a lion..”
      Spicy: There are two sides to every coin and many ways of looking at a particular situation. This poem’s protagonist faces a grim situation through the verses, with an end that is open to interpretation. Take your pick. 

    • Who: Anna Vetticad
      What: “MOSHÉ, MANJU, QUEEN & I
      Spicy: It’s been a good year for the ladies in tinsel town with women oriented movies finally taking centrestage. Anna Vetticad looks at this development and the movies that have sparked this trend.

    • Who: Aakash Mehrotra
      What: “Champaner: The old world’s charm”
      Spicy: There are some places in India that have seen the times change and stand as testimony to the past. This is a detailed account of the blogger’s visit to Champaner near Vadodara, which has much to offer.

    • Who: Anusree Menon
      What: “Musings of a Bombay Malayali Girl”
      Spicy: We try to ignore stereotypes as much as we can, but there are certain characteristics that we get from our roots which define us. This blogger gives us surefire ways to identify a Malayali girl in Mumbai, all in good fun!

    • Who: Jai Arjun Singh
      What: “Remembering Deven Varma”
      Spicy: The late actor Deven Verma never sought to dominate the screen, but was an unforgettable part of many movies. After his passing away, the blogger remembers his role and a meeting with the ever smiling actor.

    • Who: Ankush Samant
      What: “The Suicide Note”
      Spicy: A man delays his suicide in search of the perfect suicide note. Does his search end the way he wants it? A story about the hopelessness and changes in life.

    • Who: R V Purusothaman
      What: “Fashion Illustrations-British Fashion Awards 2014″
      Spicy: Love being on the cutting edge of fashion? Want to know the hottest looks on the red carpet? This blogger decodes the best red carpet looks of the British Fashion Awards with striking illustrations.

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