Spicy Saturday Picks – 22nd November, 2014

Spicy SaturdayEllo fellas! What plans for the weekend? It’s kids’ time at your Adda. We have two activities dedicated to the kid within you and the kid who needs your help. Yes, wake the little kid within you and be a kid with Kids Hut and also #BlogToFeedAChild  with Akshaya Patra. Meanwhile, we you write these blog posts we have the best creative blog posts by Indian Bloggers for you to read and cherish 🙂

    • Who: Lata Sunil 
      What:“A Journey of Kindness”
      Spicy: Journey for the author with Mumbai local started 20 years ago. More that just traveling, it is the act of kindness make her return to the train time and again.  There is a bonding, a feeling of sisterhood, a unity which is achieved by these simple gestures in the Mumbai Local.

    • Who: Ankit Agarwal
      What: “The Story Teller-Chetan Bhagat”
      Spicy:  Author is not a Chetan Bhagat fan, but very interestingly summarizes the career life of Mr. Bhagat as a writer.  The Author believes that no matter how one rate Chetan Bhagat,but one cannot neglect the fact that he is fully responsible for making many youth fall in love with books and take up reading as a hobby. 

    • Who: Parwati Singari
      What: “World Philosophy day”
      Spicy: UNSECO’s philosophy day celebrates the power of critical thinking, more importantly to share their philosophical heritage with each other.

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