Tangy Tuesday Picks – November 18, 2014

Tangy TuesdaysHello fellas! What are your plans for the last few days of  the year 2014. Want to read something good? We have our #PerkyTweets and a complete collection of Tangy Picks for your reading quota with these creative blog posts written by Indian Bloggers! 


  • Who: Shruti Garodia
    What: A month on the mountain top
    Tangy: Author took a sabbatical and went to a mountain to volunteer teaching young kids. This one month stay on the mountains gave her memories of a lifetime.

  • Who: Karen Menezes
    What: Is love bounded by time, age, community, religion, caste,class etc?
    Tangy: It must have been shocking news for the parents to know that their daughter rebelled against their values and chose to fall in love with someone out of the community but then what is wrong with that? Is marriage all about marrying into the right category or is it about spending your entire life with the person you feel is the best compatible person?

  • Who: Shailaja V
    What: The Real Reason you should Write
    Tangy:  After a small incident, author is grateful to be able to write at all, and now she just sits back and is happy with the fact that she managed to type an entire post without pain.

  • Who: Madhavi
    What: Bubye Expectations!!!
    Tangy: When we expect our life to be wonderful, perfect and realize that there is a gap in between the expectations and the reality, we end up in disappointments, frustrations, anger, sorrow.

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