Spicy Saturday Picks – 15th November, 2014

Spicy SaturdayHello readers! Weekend is the time to relax and have some special time only for yourself and the people who are close to us. Reading something new and refreshing completes the day and re-energizes us to deal our Monday Blues. We have #PerkyTweets and our Spicy Picks for you to read this weekend. Here are some of the best creative blog posts by Indian Bloggers for you to read and cherish 🙂

    • Who: Divya Lavanya D
      What:“How to be happy?”
      Spicy: It’s quite difficult to define the state of our mind. When we get something we want, we become happy and when we lose something, we become disappointed. The key to happiness is to strike a balance between being content and being disappointed in life.

    • Who: Roshan R
      What: “A lot can happen in a month”
      Spicy:   The year 2014 turned out to be the year of positive changes for the author, but October-November were the best. A lot of good things happened to the author in the past one month. Let’s join him in his journey. 

    • Who: Bushra M
      What: “Dreams”
      Spicy: A short and the sweet story of a girl, who wants to be an all rounder. A girl who dreamed and learnt to live those dreams.

    • Who: Beloo Mehra
      What: “Silenced Voices”
      Spicy: A special post on Children’s Day, it is through the eyes of a poor kid who knows what to do for his living, for his future, but we, in order to help him curb their talent. The story leaves the reader with a question – Who decides what children like him need?

    • Who: Divya Sharma
      What: “Lose the argument. Not the person”
      Spicy: You don’t need to wait to hear the ‘apology’ to forgive. It may never come. Let forgiveness be a ‘gift’ that is not dependent on someone else’s behavior, but on your generous heart. It is perfectly fine to lose an argument with a loved one, for you still have their love.

    • Who: Ankita
      What:Swarkles Forever
      Spicy: How I Met Your Mother ended months ago. But it is hard for the author as well as a lot more HMYM fans to believe the finale. The show may have released an alternate ending, which its viewers wanted to see, there will be a grudge in everyone’s heart which they will carry with them forever.

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