Tangy Tuesday Picks – November 4, 2014

Tangy TuesdaysHello fellas! We have entered into the second last month of the year. We have less than 2 months to cross down the things from our “Things to do in2014”. Buck up! And if you are not able to cross few things, just tear away that list and add them in “Things to do in 2015” list 😉 Jokes apart, fill your days with fun with our #PerkyTweets. And complete your reading quota with these creative blog posts written by Indian Bloggers! 


  • Who: Ashish Shakya
    What: In Loving Memory Of Common Sense
    Tangy: A lot has been said and done about the Kiss of Love Campaign held in Kochi. Ashish dissects the not so happening sequence of events in this satirical take on moral policing and its adverse after effects.

  • Who: Vaisakhi
    What: Melaka – Malaysia’s Cultural Best
    Tangy: Melaka in Malaysia is one of the oldest known ports of Asia and had attracted merchants from all over the world in the past. Vaisakhi here shares the historic and cultural beauty of this picturesque place.

  • Who: Krytie Saxena
    What: Foodmantra for Malaysian Food Festival
    Tangy: Author suggests her top 3 favorite picks to try from the Malasiyan Food Festival happening in Mumbai, where International chefs are cooking authentic Mayasian dishes.

  • Who: Sonal jagetia
    What: An inspiring Fall
    Tangy: A short and sweet poem inspiring everyone that change is inevitable in our lives and it all depends on how gracefully we accept it.

  • Who: Prasanth Sreevalsam
    What: Colour chalks
    Tangy:  A sweet heart touching story, where a four year old kid in an orphanage taught an important life lesson to well learned adults.

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