Spicy Saturday Picks – 13 September, 2014

Spicy SaturdayHello readers ! Celebrations are on, some amazing activities like Game Of Blogs, Ask Me Anything and Collectives constitute #CelebrateBlogging. Meanwhile we will add some fun to your life,here are some best posts for you to read this weekend 🙂 

    • Who: Prasad Naik
      What: “Some thoughts on the new iPhones, Apple Watch, and Apple Pay”
      Spicy: Author reviewed iPhone6, iPhone6+ and Apple Watch in detail from a customer point of you. He appreciates the launch of bigger screen iPhone & is in love with Apple Watch. It is a must read for all Apple FanBoys and FanGirls

    • Who: Nidhi Thakur
      What:How travel changes your life
      Spicy: An interesting account of the author’s quest to derive happiness from travel. Amazing read for people who are look forward to maintain work-life balance.

    • Who: Aditi Mittal
      What: A Bully Repents
      Spicy: The story of repentance from a bully reaffirming that remorse over your actions is your own burden to bear.

    • Who: Atul Sabnis
      What: “Slow Down”
      Spicy: Author conveyed a very important rule to follow in very clever and subtle manner. It is a fast read to slow down in our lives.

    • Who: Monika Manchanda
      What: “Letter to Parents”
      Spicy: It is a very sweet letter from a daughter to her parents. This is her first letter to them where she conveys her emotions on the fact that her parents are ageing which means she is growing up and will no longer be their little pampered baby girl.

    • Who: Tikuli
      What: You and Me – Gratitude
      Spicy: Awe-Inspiring post from the author who seems to have mastered the art of creative writing with the free flow of words and thoughts.

    • Who: Ankita Taranekar
      What: Its Complicated!
      Spicy: A complicated tale which entails the analogy between Homo Sapiens and Animals. Read to introspect how money, artificiality of conduct and innumerable aspirations have ruined the essence of life.

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