Tangy Tuesday Picks – July 15, 2014

Tangy TuesdaysHey, how are you? Have you made plans yet to go out in this romantic weather? Okay, you haven’t? Worry not, just plan your trip using Skyscanner and win a trip worth Rs 1 lakh. Also, today is the last date to submit your entries to meet Rani Mukerji! But wait, first take a look at our Tangy Picks, Happy Reading. 🙂

    • Who: Soumya Mukherjee
      What:The Dream of a Conversation
      Tangy: Soumya wonderfully narrates a story. You feel comfortable as you read through the love story till you reach the end. The climax will send a chill down your spine.

    • Who: Shreyansh Chouradia
      What: Rain, Bollywood and more…
      Tangy: Every body knows about the torrential love affair between rain and Bollywood. It’s like one cannot exist without the other. You agree? Well, then read this post!

    • Who: Swati Shenoy
      Tangy: Do you get irritated when you can’t converse with a person just because h/she is busy on phone? This new age phenomenon is Phubbing!

    • Who: Remya
      What:Wedding Bells
      Tangy: Wedding in India is a big fat affair. The author in her post states why she resents this hoopla…read on.

    • Who:Dushant Shrikhande
      What:Getting through the ‘The Dip’
      Tangy: We love writing. But sometimes, we face a block. We are out of inspiration. We start doubting our own work. Here is the post to pull you out of this rut!

    • Who: Julekha Khatun
      What:Ramzan is upon us for feeding the souls
      Tangy: Read about the significance of the ongoing month of Ramazan.

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