Spicy Saturday Picks – July 11, 2014

Spicy SaturdayIt is raining prizes at your Adda! Visit http://adda.at/MeetRaniM, http://adda.at/SkySCAN to meet Rani Mukerji and a trip to a place of your dreams! Here is our list of most amazing, unique and hilarious posts that we have scoured especially for you! 

    • Who: Shailaja V
      What: Bloggers can’t do it all and why its okay
      Spicy: Shailaja, who has been a WIN14 finalist for best Parenting blog,  gives insights to bloggers on how it is okay if h/she is not constantly present, virtually. Blogging shouldn’t come in between your everyday life, she says.

    • Who: Kanchan
      What: An intricate weave
      Spicy: Bold colours, beautiful woven prints are India’s rich tradition. Kanchan’s blog discovers such gems for us. Read on, as you get lost in this beautiful world.

    • Who: Megha Arora
      What: Reality
      Spicy: Beautiful narrative style and gripping plot are key features of this plot. A must read.

    • Who: Rahul Batra
      What: E-commerce saves the day!
      Spicy: In this absolutely delightful post, the author narrates how an Indian marketplace full of bustling banias has shifted online. You will cry laughing reading this, We assure!

    • Who: Prasanth Sreevalsm
      What: Ladies, we have something to tell you
      Spicy: How many times do we wrongly judge a man only because of his gender? We have, many times. This post is an opener.

    • Who: Vivek Patwardhan
      What:Heart to Heart
      Spicy: Communication is the basis of any relationship; personal or professional. It is thus mandatory for anyone to learn this skill. A must read.

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