Black is Beautiful

A lot of the ​best things in this world are black. Don’t believe? Well, think about it.

5 things that you love in Black!

A mane of gorgeous sleek hair, a sexy but classy LBD perfect for every occasion, ​​a crisp suit which can make any man look suave and dapper, a pair of intense kohl lined dark eyes which rule any lover’s heart… the list is endless!

Black is also the colour of mystery. The kind of mystery thatΒ leaves you intrigued!​ A sleek smart phone, a well fitting pair of trousers, shiny pointed shoes with high heels, that could add that special touch to your sex-appeal almost instantly, a smart pair of shades, a swanky car…..yes, you can go on like that!​

​Many of us love black. We are allured by its dark, sometimes intense, brooding power. But we can never get over its charm. We all have our reasons. β€œOh, black makes me look thin!” or β€œIts my lucky colour!”. Now, let’s not make further excuses & tell the world why youΒ love black!

Blog about 5 black things that you desire and why.Β Come on, let’s give it to Black!


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148 Replies to “Black is Beautiful”

  1. Hi thanks so much for your great response πŸ™‚
    Please submit your entries @ It is mandatory that you post only at the given link.
    @Nandini Deka & @Mahathi Ramya your entry is valid if you have submitted through the form. You need not submit it here. And yes, we are doing two different activities for #whattheblack.

  2. Wonderful contest! I will be participating soon πŸ™‚

    Team BA, you guys are so awesome for bringing in such wonderful contests here!! πŸ˜€

  3. Hey, a little confusion. I have have registered for both the activities but I am not sure whether it has been accepted. Tried it a couple of times and every time it is accepting my form. Could you confirm whether I have managed to successfully register? Thanks πŸ™‚

  4. @Soumya Thank you. We look forward to your post.

    @Khushboo Kindly send a mail to and we will check and revert.

    @Priya Raj High five to you as well! Go on, share your list of five!

    @Ankita We will check into this.

  5. i faced this issue too ( like ankita ) —kindly check — Unfortunately, only 2 unique blog entries are allowed from one blogger and you seem to have already submitted your 2 posts.

  6. @Nandini Deka & @ankita We have received both your entries, thanks!
    @Snuffles Jay You will informed about it, thanks!

  7. Hi, I want to participate in the black contest but I m unable to sign up for the Sponsored Review Program, in spite of following all instructions, my personal form and sponsored review form not updating… what to do?

  8. Thanks for the opportunity blogAdda . I was so much fun writing for this prompt!

  9. hi. unable to submit entry as it asks to sign up for sponsored review program which further needs an update in profile. However, when I tried updating my profile, your site doesn’t seem to accept that too!
    I mailed you too. please help.

  10. I cannot update my profile information. The changes don’t reflect in your database. I want to participate in #WhatTheBlack but I need to update my address information to participate in SponsporedReviews program. So I’m stuck. Could you please fix this issue?

    The link to the blogpost I want to submit is
    If you could add this one to your list, that would be great too

  11. I am facing the same problem as @Pawan Hegde. I cannot update my profile. Blogadda doesn’t accept and reflect the changes. I have mailed you about this problem but haven’t received any reply. Anyway. Submitted my entry here. I hope it’s a valid entry.

  12. Hello Team BA,

    I submitted my post on the 21st of July. But not through the comments section. I would like to know if you have received my post for the contest. I have however, again submitted, through the comments section.

  13. Hey, I submitted my blog post’s URL through comments section yesterday. I didn’t know that it had to be submitted through a specific link, now that link isn’t working. Is my entry valid?

  14. Hi guys I got a.mail saying that I was shortlisted for the what the black…I never got anything either by courieror mail…whats up guys???

  15. Same here πŸ™ After many days felt I can take part in some interesting activity keeping aside contests and prizes aside but sadly even that didnt happen in my case.

    I was given a reply it was exhaustive to send across the globe and hence few couriers were given a miss :-/

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