Zest Up Your Life!

Update: We are pleased to announce the winners of the #ZestUpYourLife blogging contest. And the 2 awesome bloggers to bag the Nikon Coolpix L330 Point & Shoot Camera are….wait for it….. okay any guesses? Well then, give a loud applause to Kavi Arasu and Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan

To have Zest in life is to have meaning to life. It feels what it feels like when you are in love. It means there is energy for more. Throw in some blue sky, sunshine, inviting roads and a partner on the seat beside. Add a dash of spontaneity and some vigorous disagreements sustained by wholesome friendship. Zest is also pushing your limits to be above the rest and living life extraordinarily.

Zest up your life

The thing about zest is that it is a never ending love story. It is also a personal story. Every one of us has our own objects, people, places, moments, memories, food, pets and what not that add Zest to our lives. We all have this mad need to add our own spin to create and snatch magical moments from our otherwise mundane routine. This need is Zest.

We invite you to unleash this exclusive Zest experience with us. Write out a blogpost. Feature the five things, people or situations that Zest up your life. We’ll add to the Zest and 10 of you will be our esteemed guests for ‘The experience’. Also, every valid entry will win an assured voucher worth Rs 500!

The Experience…

Fly into Goa on July 26 and July 27, no less. All expenses paid. We invite you to a weekend get together where we will renew your Zest for life. Let’s raise the bar and take this experience to a new level. An exciting car launch, gourmet food, treasure hunt using never-before-seen technology and many more surprise activities await you. What, you want to know more? Well, then just blog and brace yourself for this experience as there is no fun just talking about it!

Wouldn’t you just love to go on a long drive in the twilight just as a few raindrops brush your cheeks or dine and drive in style, feel like a royal?

One blogpost is all it takes. Lets hear it from you. For Zest! With Zest!

Thank you for the OVERWHELMING response! It is time to announce the winners.

 Will be joining us for ‘The Experience’ in Goa. Congratulations winners! You will get a mail soon!

Thank you TATA Motors for selecting the winners in record time.

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106 Replies to “Zest Up Your Life!”

  1. @Nandini Thank you. Looking forward to your five!

    @Priyanka Thank you. You are awesome too! 🙂

    @Poonam There are more to come. Will await your list of five!

    @Shanx Thanks. Hope you’ve also submitted using the form.

  2. please help after logging all i got was a form with my address/blog link/mobile number but no place to submit my blog link entry towards the contest.

  3. I am unable to submit my blog post.It shows : “You seem to have not signed up for Sponsored Review Program. Kindly sign up and come back to express your interest.

    If the approval of your blog is still pending. Kindly Click Here and we’ll get your blog approved by our team at the earliest.”

    When I click on “Click Here”,nothing happens.Please help me as today is the last day.

  4. When I posted my entry, I felt that there would only few entries for this contest. But on the last day the count reached above 90 entries. Everyone really added a ZEST to this contest. Waiting for the results now. Team Blogadda when will be the results declared?

  5. Where do we need to submit? i mean just write a blogpost and past link here? is it something like that or do i need to actually submit it?

  6. i had submitted an entry for this contest. but havent yet recieved the assured vouchers. would like to know why

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