Spicy Saturday Picks – June 21, 2014

Spicy SaturdayHi Bloggers! Yet another romantic, rainy weekend is here and to make things spicier, we have put together a list of seven must-read blogs this weekend. Hope you enjoy reading the best creative blog posts we have listed just for you. Happy weekend 🙂

    • Who: Abhishek Joshi
      What: The dog who knew no tricks
      Spicy: Abhishek talks about his beloved dog Rusty and what it means to have canine friends. He also explains the need to let animals be animals as oppose to  unnecessarily humanising them.

    • Who: Sakshi Nanda
      What: Swimming-Shimmying
      Spicy: Sakshi paints a delightful picture while she writes about people visiting a swimming pool in her area. You are sure to find resonance with her as she talks about garrulous aunties and nosy children in her neighbourhood sports club.

    • Who: Athira Jim
      What: Something about her
      Spicy: Falling in love is always a mesmerising experience. The author tastefully strings her thoughts, about this feeling, into words. A beautiful read.

    • Who: Khadija Begum
      What: A day without cellphone
      Spicy: Khadija talks about the way we have become addicted to technology around us. You too cannot live without your cellphone? then, read this post.

    • Who: Nivedita Louis
      What: Schoolophobia
      Spicy: Do parents ever dread attending those Parent Teacher Meetings? Do they sometimes share their child’s fantasy of running away, free from all the schoolwork and homework? Read this post to find what worries this new-age mom.

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