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Today at your Adda, we have someone who is attracted by faces. He loves to capture faces and emotions. Most of the pictures on his blog would leave you spellbound! Joshi Daniel, the winner of the Best Blog Award in the Photo & Video Category at WIN ’14 talks to us about his interest in photography and gives the beginner bloggers some very useful tips.


Q: ​When and what is it that made you realize your interest in photography?

A: I was always interested in photography. But in the beginning, I didn’t know how to go about it. So, while I was working as an HR professional, I decided its time to do something creatively.

Q: Photography​ inspires people to do different things. How and why did it inspire you to start blogging?​​

A: Blogging was a way to showcase my work and interact with others. I have never been this consistent about things as I have been since I started blogging. I’ve been doing it for around 6 yrs and I make sure I post at least once a week. It’s always a great challenge to create images for the site.

Q: What do you love to capture with your lens the most​ and why​?

A: People, of course! Faces attract me a lot. New and different faces always make my day 😉

Q: Can you share with us the 5 guru tips that you would want the upcoming bloggers in photography to follow?

A: You can’t call it tips but it’s what I do,

  • Be consistent with posting.
  • Pick your best image to share.
  • Your images should speak. All pictures don’t need an accompanying description for it.
  • Respond to comments or questions.
  • Have a site layout and look which enhances the beauty of the image.

Q: Apart from your passion for photography, what are the​ other hobbies that you love indulging in?

A: Walking, eating, drinking and sleeping 😉

Q: Tell us about 3 other photo bloggers that you absolutely admire and what is it about them that you love?

A: I love a lot of photographers’ work and they range from masters to amateurs. So it’s very hard for me to pick a few.

Q: Share with us your 5 favourite pictures and why they’re part of the list?

A: Again, it’s very hard to pick or have favourites. They are like my children. I tend to like them all 😉

Q: You won the Best Blog Award for the Photo & Video Category by BlogAdda at WIN. How did you and your loved ones react to this?

A: I’m very glad that I received the award. It was great to meet and interact with fellow bloggers at WIN ’14.


Q: Did you face any kind of difficulty in convincing your parents and closed ones to take up photography as a profession?

A: No, they were always supportive.

Q: What do you hope your readers will take away from your blog?

A: My only wish is that the images I take leave an imprint in the viewers’ minds.

Q: According to you, what is the future of Photo Blogging in India?

A: It’s the best way to showcase images with a layout and look that you prefer rather than going with a look that every one uses. So, like your pictures your blog also has an identity of its own.

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