WOW – Papa Kehte Hain…

“The child is father of the man.” – William Wordsworth

Bloggers, we love how you wait for our WOW topic each weekend and send in such wonderful posts every time.

Write Over the Weekend inspiration for this time

What if you and your dad wake up one fine morning to find out that your souls have been exchanged? How would it be to live your dad’s life for a day or (more interestingly) for him to live yours?

Come on, get your creative juices flowing, rack your brains and go crazy with your fantasies!

Remember, you have time only till Sunday midnight!

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9 Replies to “WOW – Papa Kehte Hain…”

  1. This is the word for which I feel no emotion, am totally blank. Its like music to the deaf, colors to the blind and speech to the dumb.

    Honestly, I don’t know what it is to have a Father. I have never considered anyone as a Fatherly figure. I don’t regret it. I am not upset about it. I never did, nor will complain about not having experienced a Father’s Love.
    i was 19…

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