Tangy Tuesday Picks June 10, 2014

Tangy TuesdaysHope you have had a wonderful weekend! We, like you, desperately hope that the rain gods smile on us soon. The posts featured this time are the best blogs and are a mix-bag of sorts with some happy, serious and some melancholic write-ups! Congratulations to those who have been featured for the first time 🙂

    • Who: Sonali Bhatacharya
      What: Welcoming the first rains!
      Tangy:The author, very vividly, encapsulates the changes nature and humans undergo at the onset in first rains of the season. A must read!

    • Who: Sridevi Dutta
      What: The elders’ party
      Tangy: The writer in an amusing way, narrates a tale of how her parents entertain ‘elderly guests’ every day. An interesting read!

    • Who: Vinodini Iyer
      What: Confessions of a hoarder
      Tangy: This chick lit piece by Vinodini is amusing and relatable. It is a good read for its language and the fact the author has packed so much candour in it.

    • Who: Shruti Fatehpuri
      What: On the magic called love…
      Tangy: Dive into the deep abyss called love with Shruti as she takes you along the journey. The post also highlights the fact the love is always a bittersweet symphony and that it is incomplete without pain and separation.

    • Who: Burt Pheonix
      What: Dissecting adultery
      Tangy: A must read for every man and woman to understand the legal, cultural and social dynamics of adultery. This makes up for an interesting read due to the author’s clarity of thought and what he wants to convey.

    • Who: Pradeep P
      What: On running away and homecoming
      Tangy: The author,through symbolism, explains the need of a human soul to come home. It also questions and tries to answer the deeper meanings of freedom, escape and homecoming.

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One Reply to “Tangy Tuesday Picks June 10, 2014”

  1. Thanks a lot for selecting my post. You made my day. 🙂 Gave a further boost to my writing instinct.

    Sonali Bhattacharya

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