Spicy Saturday Picks – June 7, 2014.

Spicy SaturdayBloggers, we hope you have seen what your fellow bloggers have been up to all this while. Check it out HERE. Where is your #MyRoleModel Video? Start making one now & win assured vouchers! We’re here with posts to read from splendid  Indian blogs to follow.

    • Who: Soumya Prasad
      What: Rich Richer Richest
      Spicy: Here’s a post that talks about all the real things which make you rich! You should be clear as to what you want and what you need. Life is so much happier if you are content with all that you have!

    • Who: Amogha Rejeesh
      What: The Drowning
      Spicy: Here’s a spectacular poem by Amogha that we’re sure you would not want to miss! Beware of your fears and keep trying to overcome them.

    • Who: Ananya Das
      What: Name – Heaven – Frog
      Spicy: Ananya shares some brilliant stories with us through her blog post. All the three short stories teach us valuable lessons to be remembered throughout life.

    • Who: Ekta Khetan
      What: Smile on, Survivor
      Spicy: Ekta writes a wonderful poem this time! She dedicates it to the people who are battling the dangerous disease Cancer. She encourages them to never lose hope and keep fighting for the best.

    • Who: Anita
      What: MicroPoetry
      Spicy: Anita writes three short poems with a very deep meaning! Each of them will surely leave you with a smile 🙂

    • Who: Sakshi Raina
      What: A Day Without My Cell Phone
      Spicy: While we fail to realize it, the fact does remain that we, as a generation, are too dependent on technology! Our interactions have to become more real than they are now.

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