Spicy Saturday Picks – May 17, 2014.

Spicy SaturdayBloggers, what have you got to say about the final election’s results? Are you happy? Do we see a new improved India already? Do let us know your views. Presenting to you the Spicy Saturday Picks consisting of awesome posts by Indian bloggers. 

    • Who: Swathi Shenoy
      What: Different Types of Students in a Class!
      Spicy: Swathi writes a post that everyone can relate to! She talks  about the various kind of students that you are sure to find in any classroom you visit. From the queen bee to the geeks to the bullies to the copy master, we’ve witnessed them all!

    • Who: Lancelot Quadras
      What: My Dear Crush
      Spicy: Lancelot writes a poem that revolves around how a young boy feels about his crush. Through the poem, the protagonist says everything that he wishes for!

    • Who: Anita
      What: Truth Wins?
      Spicy: Women are seen in bad light and judged today even without actually it being their fault. Anita in her poem compares the condition of today’s women with Sita, Lord Ram’s wife stating that even in those times, she wasn’t spared!

    • Who: Sahiti
      What: WILTED
      Spicy: Sahiti writes a poem about a broken heart! It’s indeed a painful feeling to having loved and lost. She expresses this through the poem very effectively!

    • Who: Saru Singhal
      What: राबता
      Spicy: Saru Singhal writes a wonderful poem in Hindi about a relationship! She talks about how beyond all the small fights and bickering there is nothing but true love!

    • Who: Ananya Kiran
      What: Women V/s Women
      Spicy: They say if a woman’s best friend is a woman, then a woman’s worst enemy is also a woman. Women should support fellow women because only a woman understands the situation and plight of another.

    • Who: Jithesh Prabhakaran
      What: WHORE
      Spicy: This one is an absolute treat to read! A well thought of and amazingly executed story by Jithesh.

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